Homeschool News: Reading WOW!

by Marianne

Look at this face!

Look at this face!

Homeschool News Spotlight... First grade boy defies public school expectations, finds reading success and enjoys excelerated homeschool learning!

When we removed our youngest from public school last year I knew it would be challenging. After all, they wanted to know if he had been tested for a barage of ailments, including ADHD!

No problem. They didn't know mom (me) was ADHD!! HaHa!

I started off pretty slow. Our son was in first grade and was just blossoming with new friends, (but socialization isn't everything)! We went on field trips and visited historical places in our state, learned hands-on experiments and I got to teach my son about where I and his dad came from.

It was bliss.

Everything fell into place.

I began with moderate, scholastic expectations too, but boy did this kid blow me away! I knew I needed to start with reading because our school-system uses a ridiculous program called stretch-spelling instead of phonics.

So we bought a phonics program. Well, that was the key for our son! Not only did he love it, but he completed his year on a 3rd grade reading level!!!

Throughout the summer we have been homeschooling as well. His reading has been sky-rocketing! Because of this success he has been very confident in wanting to take on other, higher grade tasks; such as cursive writing.

In our area, the public school system only does six months of this in fourth grade. Well, my son wanted to learn this summer; right after first grade!

He's not quite there, but his motto has become..."Can I learn that?"
Wow! I am certainly blessed to teach this boy!

Thanks for sharing, Marianne. What a difference homeschooling has made in your son. If only all parents knew the benefits of home education or at least, how their active participation can positively affect their child's education!

PS. Love the lapbook! :)

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Aug 30, 2008
by: Anonymous

That is a WOW! Congratulations to one & all!

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