Homeschool Names: Benefits and Savings

Homeschool names provide a great way for families to create unity and a special bond as they learn, live and experience life together, under one name and one purpose.

Your children will love to help you come up with a special name; a school name that they can share proudly with their friends and family.

It may help to increase your child's ownership of and responsibility for their home school and reinforce their role in both your school and family.

Although giving your home school a unique, special identity helps unify your family, you will also discover other benefits of naming your school.

Merchant Discount Programs

homeschool names

Spending a little time to officially name your school, will pay off quickly when applying for special educational discount programs sponsored by merchants and non-profit organizations for students and educators.

Most applications that you will fill out will ask for the title of your school. If you have already named your school, you can quickly fill out the form instead of leaving it blank or entering one that doesn't represent you or your family's school properly.

Educational Opportunities

From time to time, non-profit organizations offer special programs to benefit teachers or students. Many will include homeschoolers.

To better screen applicants and eliminate just any individual from taking advantage of a program designed for schools, they may require you to include the title of your school, to verify your home-educating status.

College Applications/District Officials

When communicating with district officials or submitting transcripts and other admissions documentation to colleges, it is more professional to include your school's name.

As the full-time teacher of your children, you are a professional home educator. Homeschooling is first class, not second class education, and an official title provides another way to add a touch of professionalism to your first-rate quality home education program.

Give Your Home School an Identity!

Learn some additional benefits of giving your school-at-home program a professional homeschool name!

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