Your Very Own
Homeschool Name

Give your home school a formal identity with a homeschool name!

When homeschooling your children, make your educational endeavor more official, with a special name that's all your own.

Homeschool kids sometimes miss going to regular public or private school.

They miss getting on the bus, and going where all the other kids are... even if the place everyone ends up is... school?!

Some homeschooled children, older ones usually, hate the "Where do you go to school" question because they may feel embarrassed when they have answer "I don't go to school", or "I'm homeschooled."

When homeschooling your children, giving an official name to your school will unify and provide an identity for your children.

  • Kids like to belong.
  • Kids want to feel important.
  • Kids like to feel special.

When you give a real name to your school, your kids won't have to give that boring reply, "I'm homeschooled", but instead can respond enthusiastically with your family's school name. :)

Naming Your Homeschool

When thinking of a name for your homeschool, invite your child/ren to participate. They will love to come up with fun (and often silly) names.

Write down all your potential names.

As you think together, talk about the goals you have for your homeschool, why you are homeschooling and what's important to your family.

Think about past memories that you have had together and what was special about them. Look at landmarks on your property or around your home and incorporate them into your school name.

For example, your house may be situated between two huge oak trees, a pine grove may grow in your backyard, or you may have a beautiful view of some maple trees from your school room window.

Some good names might be Twin Oaks Homeschool Academy, Pine Grove Home School, or Mapleview Home Learners.

Your Perfect Homeschool Name

Some people have a favorite verse in the Bible or want to name their school after a scholarly landmark or biblical place. How about Emmaus Homeschool Academy?

You could also use the name of your street; for example, Mayberry Lane Home School. You don't have to use the word homeschool or home school in your name. You could also forego the serious "educational" sounding names and go with something whimsical.

Just remember: You will probably want to keep your name throughout the time you homeschool. So make sure it will be appropriate when your kids get older, or move into high school.

Fret Not!

Don't worry if you can't come up with the perfect homeschool name right away. Say a prayer... sometimes it takes time. Enjoy the naming process with your kids. Eventually you will discover the name that is perfect for your unique home school and family! 

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