Homeschool Math Made Fun!

Thankfully, homeschool math curriculum comes is all shapes, sizes and styles to fit the many learning needs of children. Finding the perfect math program that works with your child helps make homeschooling math fun and stress-free.

Depending on your child, math may or may not be a subject that causes you concern. Some kids pick it up easily without any problems and others, struggle endlessly.

When I first began homeschooling, I thought for sure that my oldest would struggle with math as she was extremely creative and seemed to be right-brain dominant.

Since I pulled her out of school mid-year, I didn't have the luxury of having lots of time to plan, or pick out homeschooling materials prior to starting.

Although I was completely overwhelmed with our decision to homeschool, I decided to take it one subject at a time; finding a math program was at the top of my list.

Homeschool Math Success

As a homeschooling parent, you want to find a math program that is easy to use, and works. Look for curriculum with engaging lessons that make teaching and learning fun. With the right program, you will enjoy teaching math to your child – even a struggling learner.

In our home, math lessons take the longest to do, but the extra time spent is well worth it. I tend to follow our math curriculum exactly how it's written out; I don't cut corners. Many parents complain about repetitious math programs. But for my family, repetition has been good; boring sometimes, but good! :)

Just beginning to teach math at home? Or feeling a little math-teaching frustration? Below are some ideas and tips to help you and your child find homeschool math success!

1. Choose a Time That Works for You

For increased concentration, schedule your math lessons when your child is most alert. You know your child the best. Mornings are a great time to do math when everyone is rested and before brains get tired, however, some kids work better later in the day.

If you have an overly active child, getting rid of some energy first, might make your math lessons go more smoothly – nothing is worse then trying to teach a kids with tons of bottled up energy.

If you have a younger child or infant in your home, do math during nap-time, so that both you and your child can focus without interruptions.

2. Pick a Place that Promotes Learning

Where you learn is almost as important as when you learn. Homeschool math lessons can take place inside, outside, at a table, or on the floor. Choose a place where you and your child can best work together. Some kids like background noise; others need it quiet. Experiment to find out what works best for you and your child.

3. Prepare for Lessons

Nothing can throw off a lesson's momentum than unprepared-ness. When choosing curriculum look to see if a list of materials is included for each lesson; if not, you will have to do some extra work to prepare for lessons.

Make sure your child has the proper tools needed to do their work. My younger kids need to come to math class each day with a sharpened pencil (or two), an eraser and ruler. For older students, they may need a special calculator, protractor, or compass, etc. to complete lessons.

4. Be Patient

Your attitude affects your child's ability to learn. If you become impatient or frustrated when your child doesn't understand, your lessons won't go well.

What I love about homeschooling is the freedom to take as much time as needed to learn. When my daughter was in school, one or two weeks were spent on a concept before the class moved on – whether or not each student was ready.

Take your time, be patient. Although sometimes it bothers me, I let me kids, sit, stand, wiggle or do whatever they need to, to learn their math facts, or complete their lessons.

5. Be Consistent

Math isn't always fun - to teach, or to learn. Even though it may not be your child’s favorite subject and they try to put it off, be consistent. Schedule enough time for lessons, to avoid rushing and to ensure your child masters the concepts being taught.

6. Show a Classy Smile!

Do you have to think about smiling? Sometimes my kids think I'm "mad" when I'm really not, because I forget to smile.

Smiles lift spirits and lighten moods. Smiling will help make difficult lessons easier and make your homeschool math a little more fun. So, don't forget to come to class with a smile on your face.

Math lessons don't have to be boring or a drudgery to teach. By choosing a time and place that best suits your child, taking time to prepare well, remaining calm and patient when struggles arise and smiling often, you will create a wonderful learning environment and help your child to enjoy homeschool math class.

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