Homeschool Math Supplement: Daily Word Problems

by pragmaticmom
(newton, ma)

Homeschool Math Supplement for Grades 1-6

Homeschool Math Supplement for Grades 1-6

Do your children struggle with figuring out mathematical word problems? "Daily Word Problems" is a great supplement for any homeschool math program.

"Daily Word Problems" is published by Evan-Moor and I buy them at Lakeshore Learning or online.

I start my Kindergartener the summer before 1st grade on the 1st grade book. The book is fun because it's about different animals with animal facts. Because the tricky word problems are adding & subtraction, your child gets an intuitive feel for translating words into number sentences before things get complicated with multiplying and dividing.

We do at our own pace. Some days we can whip through two or three weeks, some days three or four problems are enough. Usually, my child wants to keep going and going.

The problems start to get pretty complicated by 4th grade but I notice that my kids are not intimidated by word problems; they think they're easy even if they struggle with simpler math concepts at school. I really think this is worthwhile.

Submitted by:
pragmatic mom

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