A+ Tutorsoft Homeschool Math Software

For kids who struggle with traditional math curriculum, homeschool math software might be a welcome relief for both students and parents.

Recently I had the opportunity of testing a relatively new program to hit the "homeschool curriculum scene", called A+ Tutorsoft.

A+ Tutorsoft's founder has been a self-declared "math geek" since he was in high school.

All through high school and college, he spent his free time tutoring other students who were struggling in math and science. From his experience as a successful tutor and out of his passion for improving education, he went on to create a proprietary learning platform that makes learning math easy.

Homeschool Math Software on CD

3rd grade homeschool math software

I was given a free copy of their 3rd Grade Premium Edition homeschool math software on CD. Since I think it's important to use products that both parents and kids enjoy, I enlisted my 9yo, 4th grade daughter, to review this program with me.

Installing and registering the software was easy; a registration code is sent immediately upon installation and set-up.

Complete Math Curriculum - in One Place

When you first open the program, you have the option of logging in as a student or parent. The parent profile allows you to access the entire curriculum, as well as monitor and keep track of your student's completed work and grades.

The software program includes everything you'll need for your student to complete an entire grade of math. From multi-media lessons, printable worksheets, lesson plans, complete answer keys, quizzes and exams, the homeschool math software makes teaching math at home easy and hassle-free.

After teaching math at home for over 13 years, I can testify to much time wasted searching for answer keys and solutions manuals each day. Try as I may, our curriculum never seems to get back on the shelf all together. You won't have to worry about mis-placed textbooks, workbooks, teacher's manuals or answer keys with this program; everything is available, in one place, at a click of the mouse.

Multi-media Lessons

The third grade curriculum is split into 15 chapters; each chapter contains 10 lessons. Each lesson includes a video, an interactive quiz and a printable worksheet for additional practice.

Students can start and stop lessons, and repeat lessons and quizzes if they have trouble, or do poorly. Students also have the option of turning the voice off and reading lessons on their own. My 9yo enjoyed watching the video and having the lessons read to her.

homeschool math software

Printable Worksheets

A+ Tutorsoft homeschool math courses include printable worksheets that go along with each lesson. The questions on the worksheet are different than the ones asked on the quiz. I really like the additional written work both for reinforcement and as a different learning medium.

With the Premium Edition, once your child has completed a worksheet, you can login to the parent area and record their grade, the date of completion and include any remarks or comments you want to remember about your child's work.

Complete Solutions and Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide includes transcripts of all the video lessons. If for some reason, your child was having difficulty with understanding the lesson on their own, you could read the it to them using the transcript in the Curriculum Guide.

The software also includes a step-by-step solutions manual for every question in the course. Some curriculum publishers charge extra for comprehensive solutions manuals; A+ Tutor includes one at no additional charge.

Convenient Lesson Plans

A+ Tutorsoft homeschool math software includes lesson plans for the entire year. The lesson plans give you a simple guide to follow to help you complete the course in approximately 32 weeks. The whole course is split into weekly checklists; all you will need to do is stay on track during the year.

homeschool math software

Attention-keeping Lesson Length

You and your child will appreciate the length of the lessons presented in A+ Tutorsoft homeschool math software. Although kids work at different speeds, an average student will take about 30 - 60 minutes to complete an entire lesson, including the video (approximately 6 minutes), interactive quiz and the printable worksheet.

My daughter spent quite a bit of time going through a few of the chapters of this math program. She never got bored, but found the lessons interesting. She actually asked if she could continue on with the lessons, even though I told her she could stop whenever she had enough.

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

Overall, my daughter really liked this program. She thought other kids would like this program too, and that "parents would enjoy having a little extra time to do something they liked, instead of teaching math lessons everyday". ---> Her words, not mine! :)

Read her full A+ Tutorsoft 3rd Grade Math Review to learn more about this program from a student's perspective.

Additional Features

Currently, there are 6 grade levels are available; grades 1 and 2 are in development and will be set to launch before the 2012/2013 school year.

Some additional features to the Premium Editions of their homeschool math software:

  • Parental Controls - parents can now hide answer keys and exam solutions from students, if they want.
  • Weekly Certificate of Accomplishment - your students will receive a certificate after completing weekly lessons. Just a little encouragement to motivate them to continue doing a good job.

A+ Tutorsoft also offers online versions of their homeschool math software with automatic grading, for levels 5 - Algebra.

A+ Freebies

You can try out the online version of A+ Tutorsoft homeschool math software for 5th grade or Algebra, free for 30 days to see if you and your homeschooling student like it. You can also download complete Worksheet and Exam Packs for grades 5, 6 and Algebra 1 for FREE. You can use them alone or to supplement what you are already doing at home.

One other freebie - A+ Tutor offers free performance reports to help you find areas of strength, weekness or any learning gaps.

A+ Tutorsoft Homeschool $avings!

Enjoy a little homeschool savings on all A+ Tutorsoft homeschool math software courses with an exclusive A+ Tutorsoft homeschool discount from PEAH.

To learn more about this program, visit aplustutorsoft.com. If you have used this homeschool math software in your home school, please share your thoughts (below) to help others learn more about this math curriculum. Thanks!

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Read a 9yo's A+ Tutorsoft math review to learn more about this homeschool math curriculum from a student's perspective.

Thank you SO very much for scouting out all these options for us! You do a great service and really support homeschoolers with your fine efforts! We are indeed grateful.
Jackie, Home Educator, Colorado

I just wanted to share a quick story on my journey to homeschooling.

After watching our three oldest nieces go through the public school system, and having numerous friends who have had problems with public schools, when I found out I was expecting a child, I knew I would be homeschooling. I started out by doing ALOT of research, mainly on the internet. And found dozens of websites with so much free information it was amazing, and a blessing!

And since he has been old enough, I have worked daily with him on the basics. As soon as his little sister is old enough, I will be working with her too. We haven't worked out a curriculum yet, because he's still young, but thanks to your website, I'm well on my way, and I look forward to watching my children learn and grow!

Thank you, Heather for putting all this wonderful information together!
Alicia, Oklahoma City, OK