Homeschool Math Resources and Help

Need a little mathematics help or some great homeschool math resources? Professional help is available, you don't need to look far!

Local Resources and Help

From a homeschool co-op to personal tutors, you can find professional and knowledgeable people providing perplexed parents and struggling students, needed help and guidance.

Check out local home school support groups for available classes, support services or professionals, who offer math assistance or tutoring in your area.

Our homeschool group posts information about area services to help home educators in their homeschooling journey. We also have parents with math backgrounds available for co-op members who need assistance. Often, we offer math classes during the school year to assist students.

Online Math Help

You will also find loads of supplemental materials, practice problems and help online through home school math curriculum websites, homeschool forums, and message boards.

Curriculum Publishers

Math curriculum publishers like Saxon, offer homeschool parents a convenient way to obtain the help you need when using their programs in your home school.

Check your publisher's website first, to see if they offer free help and diagnostic tests, extra practice problems, email, phone, or web support, before looking elsewhere.

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