Homeschool Math Program for Struggling Students

by J.K. Mergens

Is your child 2, 3, or more years behind in math? There is help!

When I started teaching my son, 16 years ago, I thought I was doing a good job teaching math, until we got to multiplication. I quickly realized that he couldn't add numbers in his head. And if you can't add in your head, multiplication is very difficult. So, I created a system of my own to help my son learn math, and learn it well. This method not only helped him, he excelled in math! His test scores showed he was 2 even 3 years ahead of his grade level each year. Not only did he graduate and begin college at age 16, but he was hired on as a college math tutor the same month. This year he earned his 3rd college degree, a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

After seeing how well my approach worked for him, I decided to publish my math system and make it available for everyone to use. I call my math series the Learn Math Fast System. It covers K-8 math(so far)in just 4 books. Each book covers 2 to 3 grades, but they only take 2 - 3 months to complete. I have received a lot of success stories about struggling students who have caught up to grade level in a matter of months.

If you know anyone who is struggling with basic math because they haven't found a curriculum that clicks for them, please tell them about the Learn Math Fast System.

For more info and testimonials, please visit our website at

Thank you, J.K. Mergens

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