Popular Homeschool Magazine Provides Support and Special Savings

Need some homeschool encouragement? Flip through the pages of a homeschool magazine for a timely dose of homeschool support and encouragement!

Homeschool support group meetings and get-togethers provide a wonderful way for home educators to connect, learn and find needed encouragement to keep on keeping-on. Sometimes though, you just can't attend the meetings.

Getting out of the house isn't always easy, especially if you have little ones in your family, you're a single parent or your spouse's work schedule just doesn't allow it.

After a busy day giving non-stop to my kids, I'm tired. Sometimes I don't have an ounce of energy left to make myself presentable or the desire to go out.

So what does a mentally-drained parent do?

Get Support Delivered to You!

You will find lots of homeschooling guidance and ideas to help you educate your children, ready and available whenever you need it, in a homeschool magazine.

One publication many of my friends enjoy reading is The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I know why they like it too. As I flip through my own copy, I see the familiar faces of popular homeschoolers and advocates like Todd Wilson, Amanda Bennett and Dr Ruth Beechick.

200+ Pages of Homeschool Encouragement

If you're looking for Godly advice, you're sure to get a wealth of written wisdom from those who know exactly what you're going through.

In each issue, you'll also receive a hefty helping of interesting homeschooling articles written by home educators and other knowledgeable professionals.

Prevent Publication Pile-up

TOS is a quarterly publication – you won't be overwhelmed with receiving a monthly magazine and no time to read it. Monthly magazines can easily pile up when life gets hectic. Unread magazines = wasted money and old news; neither is good.

I think it would take most people a few months to go from cover to cover, reading and digesting every word of this magazine; the one I'm holding is 212 pages!

Discover New Homeschool Products

TOS is also packed with product and service advertisements to help you find quality educational materials for your home school.

When you subscribe to the Old Schoolhouse magazine, you can sign-up for email updates and access some great freebies and money-saving offers from a variety of businesses.

Got a Minute or Two, or Three?

TOS delivers convenient encouragement right to your email box too. The Homeschool Minute highlights timely topics in the life of a homeschool family. It comes out every Wednesday, but a word of warning... it takes longer than a minute to read. :)

So, if you're a home educator with a weary soul in search of Godly guidance and spiritual refreshment for your homeschooling journey, TOS may be the perfect pick for you.

Special TOS Savings!

Check out the latest TOS Magazine subscription savings.

Pssst... A TOS subscription also makes a perfect thank-you or birthday gift for a homeschooling friend, or loved one. Give 'em a gift that keeps on giving, all year long! :)

More Homeschool Magazines

If you are looking for home school support, homeschool magazines offer a convenient solution to busy homeschooling parents, anytime and anywhere!

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