Homeschool Legal Defense Options

Many families join an organization that provides homeschool legal defense to homeschoolers.

You do not have to join any group to homeschool legally; however a benefit is having access to help and legal counsel should you ever need it.

Talking with experienced individuals or lawyers can ease any anxieties new homeschooling parents feel, when trying to interpret or navigate the homeschool laws.

Finding and choosing curriculum, and administering lessons for your homeschooled children is time-consuming enough, let alone having to navigate or keep up with ever-changing legislatur

Be Informed

Some states are more regulated than others. Specific documentation may need to be submitted before you can begin homeschooling, or sometimes tests need to be administered to meet certain state's requirements. As a homeschooling parent, you need to know your compliance laws to homeschool legally.

Don't Worry!

You do not need to worry, however you do need to be knowledgeable and make wise decisions when setting up your home school. Homeschool laws vary by state, so do some research before beginning your home education journey.

Many homeschool families successfully school their children at home without the need for legal help, assistance or defense. Most never have run-ins with the law; although it could happen, it most likely won't.

Homeschool Legal Defense is Available

Although it's not necessary, homeschool legal defense is available should you want or need it.

In no particular order, here are some organizations and businesses that offer legal support:

The Center for Homeschool Liberty

Center for Homeschool Liberty (or HLA) is an outreach of the Christian Law Association and provides legal help for homeschooling families. The annual cost (suggested donation) is $50 for the first year of membership and $50 for each additional year. They offer a discounted rate for members who are employed full time in Christian ministry or active military service. Find more info at

Association of Homeschool Attorneys

AHSA is an informal network of attorneys and legal experts in the United States supporting homeschooling and homeschoolers through legal representation, a yahoo group, etc. Most attorneys in the network homeschool, or have homeschooled their children.

You can find lawyers for the following states: California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia. AHSA is not a tax-exempt organization. You can find more information at

National Home Education Legal Defense

NHELD is a national business that informs members on legislature that could affect your right to homeschool. NHELD does not provide homeschool legal defense or advice but will refer you to other lawyers who do. The membership fee is $50 and is open to all who wish to join. You can find more information at

Home School Legal Defense Association

By far the biggest and most active organization is HSLDA. As a national organization, HSLDA provides up-to-date information on homeschooling laws, requirements and potential legislature that could affect your freedom to homeschool your children.

Your membership includes legal advice and defense should you need it. A standard membership costs $120, HSLDA also offers different membership options to meet your budget. 

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