Homeschool Legal Defense Association - Should You Join?

HSLDA is the largest homeschool legal defense association in the United States.

With over 80,000 member families, HSLDA works to defend the parental right to homeschool our children.

This national non-profit organization was started in 1983 by two homeschooling fathers who were also lawyers.

Using their expertise and passion for freedom, they formed and grew a national homeschool legal association to support the growing homeschool movement. With approximately 80,000 member families, HSLDA works to defend our right to homeschool our children, here in the United States. The organization also has partnered with a few homeschooling organizations in other countries to promote and preserve parental rights and homeschooling.

homeschool legal defense association

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National Homeschool Legal Defense Association

HSLDA supports homeschooling families in every state. They work to keep you informed about current as well as potential laws that could affect your right to homeschool your children.

Based in Purcellville, Virginia, HSLDA often lobbies in Washington, DC on behalf of homeschoolers. Through in house attorneys as well as their extensive legal network, HSLDA can provide legal counsel for every state.

A Little Goes a Long Way

HSLDA operates on membership dues. Each member family pays a yearly fee and in return, receives various member benefits, including homeschool defense. Should you ever need a lawyer regarding a home education issue, HSLDA will take up your case and cover all legal fees. 

How Exactly Does it Work?

When you join a group like HSLDA, your membership dues are pooled together with the other members. Your dues go into a fund that is used to pay for legal fees, etc., if any membership family should ever need it. Depending on how big the group is, and the yearly fee to join, other services or benefits may be provided.

In a way, a home school legal defense fund is similar to insurance. If you are a member and ever have legal problems that have to do specifically with your private home school, then you can feel confident that you will be covered. If you want legal advice or help for other issues, you will need to look elsewhere; HSLDA only provides help for issues related to homeschooling.

If you don't need any legal counsel or help, your membership dues will help pay for legal costs for other members who do have legal problems needing litigation.

Read The Fine Print

To receive help, you must decide to join prior to actually needing assistance. In other words, if you run into a problem and then decide to join a legal organization, you may not be eligible for membership, full membership benefits, or free legal assistance.

HSLDA also has certain conditions that you must meet to become a member. You do not qualify for membership if your child/ren are enrolled in a public school-at-home program like a public virtual school. There may be other requirements; make sure you check the "fine print" for any conditions that would exclude you from receiving legal help.

Should You Join?

When it comes to purchasing legal "insurance" for your family, the choice is yours. Some families wouldn't think of homeschooling without a homeschool legal defense association membership - whether through HSDLA or another organization, while others feel more than confident to school their children at home without it. Many parents like the idea of supporting homeschool families as a whole, even if they never have to use any of the legal services HSLDA offers.

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