Free Homeschool Latin Lessons

Want your kids to learn Latin; not sure what curriculum to use? How about some free homeschool Latin lessons to help you decide if learning Latin is even a subject you want your homeschooling students to take?

I remember listening to my older brother learn Latin when I was in school.

I thought he was crazy to learn a language that no one speaks anymore. I didn't realize that there are many benefits to learning this language.

Learning Latin will help your children learn other languages better – specifically the romance languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.

The English language is also greatly influenced by Latin, so learning Latin will help your children learn the English language better.

Free Visual Latin Lessons

Visual Latin is a new video-based Latin curriculum designed especially for independent learners. To help you learn about their new program they are offering some free lessons so you can learn about the benefits of learning Latin as well as try out their curriculum with your children.

You can learn more about Dwayne Thomas, the Visual Latin teacher by watching this short introduction video.

Download Your Free Lessons Now!

Interested in learning more? To download your four free intro lessons and two full lessons, you will first need to create an account on Visual Latin website.

Next you will add the free lessons download to your shopping cart. Tell them Heather from PEAH sent you, and then click "Add to Cart". You will not need to fill out any payment information and your lessons can be downloaded instantly. You will also receive an email receipt and can access your free lessons from the receipt as well.

Enjoy the free Latin lessons compliments of Visual Latin!

Look for a Visual Latin homeschool discount in the next issue of PEAH's homeschool savings newsletter!

What Do You Think of Visual Latin?

If you have used the Visual Latin curriculum in your homeschool OR have downloaded the free homeschool Latin lessons from Visual Latin, tell other home educators what you think!

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