Homeschool Lapbooks Make Learning Fun

Creating homeschool lapbooks is a learning activity that has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

My youngest daughter and I started lapbooking when she began kindergarten; she is going into fourth grade and its still our favorite way to learn and record what we have done in our home school.

What is a lapbook?

Homeschool lapbooks are simply file folders that are folded in three – you open a file folder and fold both sides into the middle and press down to make two flaps. Voila! You have the beginning of a lapbook!

homeschool lapbooks

You can use a regular file folder, colored or patterned ones, it doesn't matter.

What do you put inside a lapbook?

Lapbooks are perfect for unit-type studies. As your student learns about a particular topic, they will make little booklets and folders to glue or staple inside their lapbook. You can also add additional "flaps" to your lapbook if you want to add more information. You can be creative in how you add the additional flaps – they can turn like pages in a book, or flip up or down.

homeschool lapbooks

Easy Review

Once we are done our homeschool lapbooks, I put them on a shelf so my daughter can reach them easily. I have found that she enjoys going back and looking at all her previously completed lapbooks. She loves looking through them and re-reading all her little booklets, etc. that she made = great review!

Lasting Memories

Your children's lapbooks will help you remember all that your kids accomplished during their school year. My daughter loves to share her lapbooks with anyone who asks what she is learning in school. Often they will ask her questions about the different topics that she has studied while going through her lapbooks = another great review exercise!

Make Learning Fun!

Don't think that lapbooking is only for young children, students of all ages can make lapbooks. Anything you would put into a notebook or binder can be put into a lapbook. Your lapbooks can be as indepth as you or your child wants.

You will do more of the work if your child is younger, but it is a lot of fun. Young children may need help cutting the different pieces out or writing the information inside the mini-books, etc. whereas older children can work on their lapbooks independently. They will love to personalize their lapbook and decorate the front and back covers.

Share Your Challenges and Successes!

Have you overcome any homeschooling challenges? Do you have an encouraging word to share about this topic? Are you currently going through a challenging to trying time? Please share your story to find help or help others!

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