Homeschool Kids Bowl Free!

by Heather

Every Spring/Summer homeschool kids bowl free at thousands of participating bowling centers across the US!

Kids Bowl Free is a national program that gives all school-aged kids (approx 15 years and younger) the opportunity to enjoy free bowling every day, all summer long.

When you visit the Kids Bowl Free website, you will choose a bowling center in your area and register your children. Once the program begins, you will start receiving free bowling coupons all summer long! Last year, parents had the option of purchasing a deeply discounted membership that allowed you to bowl with your kids all summer long. The cost was approximately $25 or so.

***Program Update***
Kids Bowl Free is offering the Family Pass again this year. You can add it to your account for only $24.95. You can receive 2 FREE games for up to 4 adults with the family pass option and its available after you register your children.

Take advantage of some great exercise = healthy free stuff for homeschoolers. Go out and get bowling with Kids Bowl Free!

Mandy Haws, manager of Sooner Bowling Center in Norman, OK provides some healthy bowling "factoids" that may interest you:

"Bowling isn't just a fun activity; it's a sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Bowling also provides many health and calorie-burning benefits."

"Did you know the average bowler burns 240 calories per hour?" Forget walking on the treadmill or stationary bikes, bowling is definitely more fun!

"Three games of bowling equals one mile of walking" – your family will experience fun physical education without even knowing it.

"Want your kids to build strong bones and muscles? Bowling is a weight-bearing sport which helps to build strong bones and muscles in growing kids, and adults."

"Bowling is one of the world's oldest sports, and the rules are the same for young and old, male and female."

Mandy Haws in the manager at Sooner Bowling Center in Norman, OK. Visit Mandy at to book your next party or homeschooling get-together; Sooner Bowling Center is homeschool friendly!

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