A Homeschool ID Card Provides
More Than Peace of Mind
for Homeschool Families

As a parent, you may have concerns about your child's safety. A homeschool id card may be the perfect solution to help ease your concerns, especially while your homeschooled children are out during the school day, or away from you.

Keep Your Kids Safe!

Unfortunately in today's society, child safety must be a priority for parents. Homeschooling parents can also experience increased worry depending on where you live in a state or country and your homeschool or truancy laws.

Thankfully, homeschooling is legal in every state due to the hard work of numerous individuals and groups. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t.

Each state has various requirements in order to educate your children at home, but homeschooling is legal. Thousands are homeschooling in your state right now without fear of authorities!

Also, do not be alarmed when letting your children out during regular school hours.

Your children should have the freedom to ride their bike or go to the park while taking a break from their school lessons without worry - even during regular “public” school hours. But many times truancy laws or the fear of questioning can make a home educator feel uneasy.

Still, being out during regular school hours can raise questions when coming across governing authorities or officials. Having proof that your children are enrolled in a legal homeschool program especially when they are out during regular school hours is important, especially in today’s society.

By carrying homeschool identification, your child will have valid proof that they are educated at home, whenever questioned. Peace of mind for you, and confidence for your child.

What is a homeschool id card?

homeschool id card

A homeschool id card is a conveniently sized identification card – much like your driver’s license, that homeschool students and home educators can use to prove their educational status.

It provides information that officials look for when verifying identity.

Is a homeschool id card required?

No, having homeschool identification is not required, but it is convenient and comes in handy in many situations.

Besides verifying homeschool status, another benefit of a having homeschool id is inclusion in special discounts and programs that are available specifically for students.

My daughters went out with their youth group recently, to see a movie. They were able to receive the discounted student admission, like their public schooled friends because they had their homeschool id card with them. Others who forgot their cards or didn't have a student id had to pay full price.

Feel Official!

Creating an identity for your homeschool establishes unity and increases your child's pride about his home school and education. Having their own id card – it makes your homeschool student not only look official, but feel official too.

Older children appreciate having some similarities as their public or private schooled friends, and having a homeschool id card allows them some of the same privileges afforded to other students.

Your child's identification card may also be used when boarding airplanes, obtaining driver's licenses and applying for passports. You will want to take additional steps to ensure it is, otherwise you could waste valuable time.

Benefits For You Too!

A homeschool card is beneficial and convenient and for home educators as well. Many businesses offer discounts to professional educators. Having valid proof of home educator status allows you inclusion or access to these special savings programs.

Being included in special educational programs is definitely a privilege and an added benefit of homeschooling! Many merchants extend their educator savings programs to include home educators, helping you save some money!

However, to maintain offering quality, effective programs that support education, most businesses require educators to provide “proof of educator status” through an educator id.

There are a few different types of homeschool identification cards available for homeschooling families.

Paper – least expensive, but not durable.
Plastic PVC – most expensive, but durable.
Laminated – economical and durable.

Questions to Consider

Some questions to answer when looking for homeschool identification:

  • Does it reflect the professional image you want?

  • Does it clearly identify you as a home educator or student?

  • Is it truly an identification card or just a membership card?

  • Does the student card include security features?

  • Does it reflect the professional image you want?

  • Does the card offer you increased rewards?

  • Does the card save you money and/or time?

  • Do you feel confident that any merchant who offers an educational discount, will accept your card?

A homeschool id card provides you with a convenient way to keep your students safe and save money at the same time. An investment worth every penny!

Keep your homeschooled students safe!

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