Homeschool History Curriculum: The Mystery of History I and II

by Andrea
(Richmond, TX)

MoH Homeschool History Curriculum

MoH Homeschool History Curriculum

We have used the Mystery of History homeschool history curriculum for the last 2 1/2 years, and are beginning the third volume this year.

I began using this curriculum with my fourth grader, my eighth grader, and my preschooler. I taught them all at the same time from these books. We treat it much like storytime, where I do the reading and stop occasionally to make an explanation to one of the younger ones.

The books moves right along, and you can do one lesson or, as we sometimes do, several at one sitting. It is highly interesting and informative. You learn of things that occur simultaneously all over the world.

MoH is an easy-to-follow homeschool history curriculum and the concept is well done. Each event is not touched too deeply, otherwise it would be a much bigger book. As a note with younger students, there are obviously moments in history where there was violence. The author often warns the reader in advance of these passages.

We did make a timeline that corresponded with the book. We used a semi-transparent plastic shower curtain. We used a black permanent marker to mark the centuries across the width of the curtain as pertaining to the centuries covered in each volume. The spacing ended up being that each century line was about 5 inches apart.

For the Mystery of History II, our top line and space was devoted to the first 100 years following Christ's death. The bottom of our curtain
was of the 1300's. Then the kids took turns tracing the images right from the book onto the curtain with colorful permanent markers. For example, the printing press, or bust of Caesar etc. The images in the book are the perfect size for this idea.

We hung the curtain across our big, double-wide cabinet using 3M removable hooks. We could always look at our timeline, or take it down and fold it up when necessary. Don't use a completely clear curtain or you will have a confusing view with the timeline and everything behind it. The one that we bought at Target was called "rice paper" shower curtain. When it was time to add a new image, we simply took it off the hooks, laid it over the textbook on the table and traced and colored. Then I would add the exact date beneath the image on the black line where it occurred in history. Many friends have admired our timeline. I love that it folds up so small.

Volume III is hardback as opposed to the previous volumes that were softbound. This homeschool history curriculum is slightly pricey, but I think it's worth it.

Excellent review of the MoH homeschool history curriculum - I LOVE your timeline idea! Thanks for including pictures, so other parents can see exactly what you did; its so helpful! Thanks so much, Andrea! Blessings, Heather :)

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Aug 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I was searching for an easy way to make a timeline and this is it. It is perfect! Thank you.

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