You Can Homeschool High School!

Wondering if you can homeschool high school? Over the years I have seen too many parents stop homeschooling when their children completed middle school.

Not knowing how much time it will take, what subjects to teach, record keeping, transcripts and diplomas worries can cause any parent to become overwhelmed. 

Parents begin questioning themselves whether they can really provide their high school student the best education.

Many wonder, again, if they are qualified to home school - kind of like the questions we all asked when we first started homeschooling, right? 

Sadly, those same questions arise when our children reach the high school years!

Perhaps you think you can't teach high school level courses like Algebra, Chemistry, or Civics. Maybe you have forgotten everything (you're not alone!) or you don’t have the time – you have other homeschooled children or you work.

The easier route is to put your child back in school. But is it the best solution?

Homeschool School Help!

Many opportunities are available to you when deciding to homeschool high school.

From community college, umbrella schools, or enrichment classes through a homeschool co-op, you can feel confident when choosing to home school your teen through the high school years.

If the thought of high school level courses scares you, finding alternative solutions will ease any worry or concern you may experience.

You can oversee the classes that you feel comfortable with and find an alternative solution for the classes that require more knowledge or additional guidance.

Some students handle high school courses with ease, others benefit from interaction from other students or adults.

When considering home schooling during the high school years, some homeschool options available to you are:

  • Pre-packaged or Accredited Homeschooling Curriculum
  • Homeschool High School Online Academies
  • Umbrella Schools
  • Community College
  • Private Tutors
  • Computer Software
  • Online Classes
  • Video/DVD Courses
  • Homeschool Co-ops
  • Homeschool Enrichment Classes

High School Support

Finding a homeschool support group that offers high school classes and activities will help both you, and your student, during the high school years.

If you don't want the hassle of keeping records, or creating a transcript for college, you can find someone (a very nice friend or loving family member!) who will do it for you, or hire a company to complete these tedious tasks. Most umbrella schools offer record-keeping and transcript creation services to enrolled families.

College-bound Students

When my two oldest were in high school, we spent some time looking at colleges and different careers that went along with on their interests.

Know the admission requirements of any colleges or post secondary institutions to which your student may want to be admitted.

It will help you to plan the best course for your child when homeschooling high school.

Even though college may seem like a long way off, it's not too soon to start planning. It's also fun to spend some quality time together, dreaming, and thinking about your child's future.

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