Homeschool High School Transcript Question

by Maureen
(Parker, CO)

Hi Heather, A very good friend and homeschooling mentor sent me here to your site. Wow! What a wonderful collection of tips and encouragement! However I couldn't find the template that you offer and that my friend used. I have signed up for membership on your site I think, and the newsletter. Will the template be inside the newsletter?

Thanks so much, I'm so glad to have found you!


Hi Maureen!
You can find and download a copy of the free homeschool transcript template right from the website... I'll try to make it more visible in the future.

The template is an excel file; most of it you can edit and customize. Make sure you change the school name in the header area... many colleges have called the number asking for information on different homeschool students!

You will find information on how to customize the homeschool high school transcript header and other FAQ's.

Some additional information that you may find helpful when creating a homeschool transcript:

Learn how to easily create professional homeschool transcripts for your homeschooling student's college applications.

Download our sample homeschool transcript to see what a real one looks like!

Hope this helps and thanks for the encouraging words!

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