Homeschool High School Transcript for Public School

by Josephine Sena
(Roswell, NM)

Homeschool High School Transcript Question

Homeschool High School Transcript Question

Hello, I have a homeschool high school transcript question. My son was being homeschooled for the past year due to medical issues, we are now trying to put him back into high school and they are requesting transcripts. We don't have transcripts for him; what would you recommend I use for him?

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Aug 14, 2009
Homeschool High School Transcript Question
by: Heather

Hi Josephine,

It's normal for public schools to request a transcript when students enroll or re-enroll for classes.

You can easily create your son's transcript yourself. If you kept a good record of his grades or assignments last year, then it will be easier and shouldn't take much time.

If you didn't keep good records, you will need to do a little more work - dig up his schoolwork and record all his results from tests, etc.

Once you have grades for all his classes, you can download our homeschool transcript template (.xls file).

Enter in all his classes and grades for the years he was not at the public school you are enrolling him into. (If he was enrolled previously, the school would have record of that.)

You can edit the header of the transcript template to include your home school information.

Save the document, sign it, print it off and submit it to the school.

This homeschool high school transcript template has been successfully used by thousands of homeschooling parents, at many schools and colleges around the country, so you shouldn't have any problems.


PS If you need help with editing the header section, etc., you will find some FAQs on our Homeschool High School Transcript page.

Aug 12, 2014
public school transcript from himeschool yranscript?
by: joyce moon

Upon reenrolling my 9th grade son into 10th grade the principal would not accept the transcripts I kept for the year my son was homeschooled. They are making him repeat 9th grade courses. No online curriculum but books and internet were used. Unfortunately according to the principal the homeschool
transcript doesn't count. Any ideas?

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