Homeschool Groups Earn Money
with Box Tops

A great way for homeschool groups to raise additional operating funds is by participating in the Box Tops for Education program.

Box Tops for Education is sponsored by General Mills and by clipping the Box Tops for Education coupon on various food products, your group can earn money.

All homeschool associations who offer K-8th grade classes with fifteen (15) or more students can join Box Tops.

You will need a coordinator, a very organized person who can oversee collecting, bundling and submitting the box tops in a timely manner.

Collect Those Box Tops!

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Get your member families, homeschool friends and family to start clipping box tops.

Last year our coordinator made a really cute collection container from a used oatmeal container. She decorated it and it sits in the lobby of our church where our homeschool classes are held.

Coordinators need to submit the box tops by October 31 or February 28 to get credit.

Our co-op's fundraising goal this year is $500 and so far, we have earned $32.00. Not bad, considering classes haven't even begun yet!

How Much Cash Can You Earn?

Each Box Top coupon is worth ten cents and your homeschool group could earn up to $20,000. (That's a lot of box tops!)
homeschool groups
Payments are made twice a year on December 15 and April 15 with a minimum payout of $20.

If you don't reach the $20 in December, you get one payment in April.

List of Box Tops Products

When I heard about this program quite a few years ago, I didn't pay much attention to it. Our family doesn't eat much in the way of regular, commercial brands or pre-packaged products; mostly natural and organic foods.

But after our homeschool co-op joined Box Tops for Education, I discovered that General Mills owns the popular organic brand, Cascadian Farms as well.

Not only can you find Box Top coupons on food products, you will find them on your boxes of tissue and toilet paper (and everyone used those!), as well as diapers, garbage bags and more.

Download the complete Box Top for Education product list to start clipping and saving.

Join Box Tops for Education

Homeschool groups can join Box Tops by calling 1-888-799-2444.

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