Homeschool Geography Resource: Geography Songs

by msfj

Homeschool Geography Fun!

Homeschool Geography Fun!

Learn all the countries of the world easily with this fun homeschool geography resource...

At 34 years old, I could not have quickly pointed out most countries or major bodies of water on a map. I definitely had vague ideas about where everything was and could eventually find it, but I was no geography ace. I wanted my kids to be better equipped at a much younger age!

Enter Larry and Kathy Troxel's Geography Songs CD (and accompanying booklet). At the end of last school year, even my 3 year old could sing the countries of the Middle East, Africa (yes, all of them!) and Southern Europe and all 50 states of the US and provinces and territories of Canada. My older kids (ages 6 and 8) could correctly identify most of these countries on the map and even began to do so outside of our homeschool geography lessons when they just wanted to look something up!

The songs are easy to learn and definitely get stuck in your head. They also follow a mostly logical pattern, so you are not jumping around on the map too much as you sing.

I highly recommend this CD (they also have a States and Capitals one that we are going to use this year, among others)! The price is very affordable, and it is such a useful and fun geography tool for my homeschool.

What a fun homeschool geography supplement; thanks for sharing! Blessings, Heather :)

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