Homeschool Freebies to Start
Homeschooling Successfully

It's half-way through the year, you’re just starting out and you need some homeschool freebies to jump start your homeschooling journey.

Don't panic.

Even if you are beginning to homeschooling in the middle of the school year, or haven't had time to adequately plan, you can still homeschool successfully.

Don't have any curriculum around?

Head to your local library. You will want to look for The Core Knowledge Series by E.D. Hirsch Jr., if your child is in grades K-5.

These engaging guide books contain the core academic subjects that children need to know in today’s world. Use these guides as a spring board for further study and I guarantee they will provide a full year's curriculum!

Each book builds upon the other, so if your child missed something in previous years, it's easy to go back to the previous ones and learn missed material.

At the start of each section, you will find advice to parents about teaching specific subject matter, but the books are written directly to your child. Definitely a great educational resource guide, and when picked up from your local library... one of many wonderful homeschool freebies.

You will also find other resources and curriculum available at your library. Not all libraries have a wide selection, but you will be surprised what you can find... at least it will give you a starting point while you search for curriculum.

Another great series for your older children and teens is The Harvard Classics, published in the early 1900's. It is said that if your child reads through the entire set, they will have an education equal to a four year Harvard degree. You can read the writings online here:

Don't have a computer?

Don't worry. Not everyone has a computer or internet access, for a variety of reasons, so you're not alone. Once again, your local library comes to the rescue!

I know quite a few homeschooling families that use the computer at the library for online lessons, research and to keep in contact with others.

Not having a computer or internet access isn't all bad. Many of us waste loads of time on the computer – time that could be spent doing other things like hanging out together, playing a game or family reading time.

You will find lots of educational freebies online, though. Everything from math to social studies lessons and downloads; the internet is a wonderful place to find educational materials and resources for free.

Online Homeschooling Freebies...

Search the internet for free educational resources using our custom Homeschool Search Engine.

Homeschool Freebies from Me!

You will find some great homeschool freebies on my website to help you with the organization of your home school. You will want to download my simple homeschool schedules and if you have high school students, our free homeschool transcript template.

That's not all! I will post more free stuff soon, so keep in touch... join my homeschool discounts and savings newsletter and keep up to date with new additions to my website!

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