Homeschool Financial Aid or Grant Help

by vanessa g.

Homeschool Financial Aid Question

Homeschool Financial Aid Question

New homeschooling mom asks about grants or homeschool financial aid to help her school her daughter...

I'm having problem's with finding a grant or anything to help me homeschool my daughter. The school's around here are not that great and have dumbed her down alot. I'm doing homeschool so she can have a better chance in life.

Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your daughter, Vanessa!

Unfortunately you probably won't find a grant to homeschool your daughter. Most independent homeschooling families use their own money/resources, share with others, or find free resources to use to educate their children at home.

There are a lot of free home school resources available both online and offline (at your library, etc.) Used homeschool bookfairs are a great place to find inexpensive homeschooling curriculum and other materials. Some families swap curriculum with other families to help keep home schooling costs down.

What grade is your daughter in? I would love to help more!

Heather :)

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