Homeschool Discount on Mind Sparke's Brain Training Software

by Heather

Homeschool Discount from Mind Sparke

Homeschool Discount from Mind Sparke

Exclusive homeschool discount on Mind Sparke's brain training software - help your homeschooling student increase their memory, attention and think better!

You can train your brain to think faster, better, smarter. Mind Evolve, a leading publisher of brain-training software, recently announced the launch of Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro.

Is your homeschooling and college bound teen getting ready for the SATs? How about increasing intelligence and test scores with memory training?

This new consumer software is the most sophisticated brain-training application on the market and employs the only training method scientifically proven to make users smarter.

Brain Fitness Pro Junior taps into your child's natural inclination to want to 'beat the game.' Children from 6 through 12 can play at levels that stretch and engage them, all the while strengthening the critical intellectual capacities of working memory, focus, and attention.

Brain Fitness Pro Jr strengthens the critical mental functions of working memory, focus, and attention. While Jr particularly benefits children with working memory or focus deficits it will give any child an increase in the core mental skills that determine academic and occupational success.

Read Martin Walker's "Consider Brain Exercises for SAT Success" article to learn more about his company and his braining training programs for students of all ages.

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