Homeschool Discount from College Prep Genius!

by Heather
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College Prep Genius Homeschool Discount

College Prep Genius Homeschool Discount

New homeschool discount on a proven SAT Prep homeschooling curriculum. Master the SAT. Get cash for college. Save money now through PEAH.

I am excited to share a NEW homeschool discount from College Prep Genius that will help you save money on your homeschooling children's college education.

Are you worried you haven't saved enough money for your son's or daughter's college education? You are not alone. This is a huge concern for many families, including mine.

Jean Burke, of College Prep Genius has two children who both got full rides to the colleges of their choice by acing the SAT test. She now devotes her life to helping students learn the tricks and tips of taking the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT tests.

The College Prep Genius program is already affordable - its currently 25% off AND through PEAH, you can receive another $5 off anything on her website!

Visit College Prep Genius and save with coupon code: PEAH!

Last Spring, our homeschool hosted a two-day seminar with Jean. Learn more about Jean's SAT/PSAT/NMSQT mastering homeschooling curriculum and how it benefits highschool homeschooling students who are planning on going to college.

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