Homeschool Diplomas

Homeschool diplomas provide homeschooling families additional cost-cutting benefits!

With the price of college steadily increasing each year, attaining (and paying for) a college degree may soon become out of reach for many average families.

Recently, the topic of college costs came up as I chatted with friends at a graduation open house.

I hope my mouth didn't drop down too far as I heard what other families where paying to put their kids through college.

From $12,000 for an up and coming college, to $27,000 for a private Christian college on the west side of Michigan - four thousand more than one family is paying to send their daughter to the University of Michigan! I was sure the sticker price was higher for UofM.

(**I originally wrote this article while my teens were still working on their homeschool diplomas. Since then, one of our girls attends a college with a yearly price tag of $65,000 (she received a very nice scholarship)... it makes the $27,000 private school tuition look like a drop in the bucket, that's for sure!)

Because homeschooling families tend to have more children, our college expenses will be even greater than the average family.

However, home school high school students have the perfect opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of their college education!

Homeschool Diplomas and College

A high school diploma is a certificate awarded for the completion of high school.

The actual document is not necessarily important, but the education this piece of paper represents. Having a high school diploma means that you completed all the necessary educational requirements for your state.

Once your child completes the high school requirements for your state, they have completed their high school diploma. The choice is yours whether you want to issue an official certificate.

Colleges look for homeschool transcripts, not homeschool diplomas, although your student will feel a sense of satisfaction when receiving an official certificate.

By completing the homeschooling requirements provided by your state, your student will have the necessary proof when applying to higher learning institutions. 

Your child will also have a better opportunity to land jobs other than low paying or entry level positions. Those with a high school diploma will earn better wages than people without one.

Of course, once completing college, your high school diploma becomes less significant because you refer to your college degree, instead of your high school diploma or GED.

End of Homeschooling Certificate

Once completing high school, you would issue a diploma to your teen. There really isn't any magic to it; you can create your own or purchase one... the choice is yours.

Some families join umbrella schools, or purchase full-service homeschooling programs and receive a diploma at the completion of their high school education. Again, enrolling in any program, or purchasing support services is completely optional, and should always fit within your family's budget.

Add College Credit to Your Diploma

As your student matures and can handle more responsibility, you may want to consider homeschool options to accelerate their education.

Your high school student can take advantage of a wonderful way to save money and time when getting a college degree, may be in your teen's homeschool diplomas.

Homeschool students earning high school diplomas can take advantage of dual credit, allowing them to save money and time when pursuing a college degree.

Your home school high school student can actually earn college credit while earning their home school high school diploma!

Courses taken and passed can be included on homeschool transcripts and credits applied to a college degree. 

Think of the money you will save on your child's college education = a parent's dream! :) AND... taking college-level courses in high school shows potential colleges what kind of student you and your study-habits.

Benefits of College in High School

Your child will enjoy many benefits of earning college credit while still in high school.

  • Get a head start on college!
  • Be better prepared for college!
  • Enjoy a smooth transition from homeschool to college life!
  • Earn an Associates Degree or higher before finishing high school!
  • Drastically reduce college tuition costs!
  • Jump start their career by graduating quicker!

Homeschooled children have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this money and time-saving opportunity to cut college costs... and give your homeschool transcript a college-admissions boost! 

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