Homeschool Curriculum in Spanish Question

by mom

Homeschool Curriculum in Spanish

Homeschool Curriculum in Spanish

I am having a hard time finding homeschool curriculum in Spanish. I am thinking of homeschooling my step son and his primary language is Spanish. Do you know of any curriculum options?

As far as finding homeschool curriculum in Spanish, unfortunately the pickings are very slim. I do know of a few publishers that publish Spanish versions of their homeschool curriculum. (If anyone knows of any other options, please let me know.)

Rod & Staff publishes some of their homeschool curriculum in Spanish for grades PreK-8. Rod & Staff Publishers don’t have a website, but they or an associate/independent vendor usually exhibits at conventions around the US. Rod and Staff homeschool curriculum doesn’t come with a lot of frills, but it is an affordable Christian (Mennonite) homeschool curriculum that parents find very easy to use. You can contact Rod & Staff Publishers by calling them. Their phone number is: 606-522-4348.

You can also purchase Rod and Staff homeschool curriculum online through various independent representatives like Rod and Staff Books (aka Milestone Ministries).

Silas and Martha Martin of Milestone Ministries, are retired homeschooling parents who are devoted to helping the next generation successfully homeschool their children. They would be happy to help you.

ACE or School of Tomorrow publishes some of their curriculum in Spanish. Currently they have Spanish versions of their curriculum for grades K-6. They don't seem to be actively publishing any more of their courses in Spanish as the list hasn't changed in the past few years.

Learn more about ACE homeschool curriculum or read ACE curriculum reviews, written by other homeschooling parents.

Another option for you may be purchasing curriculum from Hebron Ministries. Hebron Ministries is a ministry located in Guatemala. They provide homeschool support and sell curriculum to Spanish-speaking parents in Guatemala, as well as other countries.

They provide homeschool curriculum in Spanish on DVD, through traditional textbooks, as well as online. They take enrollments from students who live in other countries, or you can purchase individual courses, etc.

Here is a sample of their Second Grade Social Studies curriculum and their Fifth Grade Biology.

Know of any other homeschool curriculum published in Spanish? Please share to help others!

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Jul 07, 2011
by: Julie

Hi! I'm not sure how old the original post is, but I just wanted to share some general insight into this issue. First of all with just a preliminary search, I found "" which is a Christian based organization offering curriculum in Spanish.

What you need to determine is if any or all of the curriculum needs to be in English so that you can help with it. If not, a great alternative to looking for better known English curricula is to start your search in Spanish so that the search engine will pick up what native speakers use. So the initial keywords I used were: "materiales para educar en casa"- "materials for homeschool"- which pulled up some different resources. Also, if your step son is able to read the results, he may be able to help you determine other keywords to use as search terms.

I know how frustrating it can be to try to find Spanish topics online, as if there is no Spanish speaking population graduated with my degree in Spanish, and I found that the best way to search for relevant sources was by searching for them directly in the Spanish language first. If you have no background in Spanish and your son is too young to be of help, you can always go to a free translation website and enter in a few key words to use for your search. I hope this helps!! Best of luck to you!!

Feb 22, 2012 NEW
by: Anonymous

I was also going to mention .

They are a Mexican organization, so the subjects they teach (and the things they teach at each level) are are Mexican, not American. This shows up the most in their history, of course. American history is treated the same way we treat Mexican history -- we only mention the parts that overlap with our own history, and we tell them the way we want to. (Remember that there are two sides to every story. You may want to supplement history for your son to be sure he gets the American side as well. When he is old enough, that exposure to a different side of the story may be a good opportunity to teach him to research and go to the source, and judge history for himself.)

It also shows up in their grade divisions -- Primaria is grades one through six, and Secundaria is what we in the States call grades seven through nine.

All the work is meant to be done by the student online, most of it independently.

The downside is that some of their material is boring. Their English course is terrible. You can teach him better English all by yourself.

The upside is that their Spanish course is excellent. Even if you don't use this curriculum, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use the Spanish course. I cannot stress enough how important it is for him to make a formal study of Spanish as a first language -- just as he would if he were attending school in Mexico or Spain or Colombia. I know so many native Spanish-speakers who grew up in the States, who can barely express more than the most superficial thoughts, and who have no idea of the beauty of their own language. It is a tragedy. Please, don't let that happen. Even if you decide to homeschool him in English, please use or something like it for Spanish classes. Don't use something published in the States or worse, translated from English.

Apr 22, 2012
Pre-K parent help in English and Spanish NEW
by: Anonymous

A pre-k tool for parents in English and Spanish.
The key to Pre-K success is offering the parent a plan to assist the classroom teacher.I am a retired teacher that knows the parent/caregiver needs to be addressed in the early learning child. I often had parents that wanted to help but did not know how or what to do. I created this program specifically for them. Presentation of all the pre-k readiness skills are incorporated into the lifestyle of the parent.

"Pre-K-Prep, is an iPad App" for the parent/caregiver of the pre-k student in English AND Spanish. It is a readiness skills tutorial for the parent/caregivers of young children in English and Spanish and will assist in grounding needed pre-k concepts/skills in the young child.This 6 month, page-a-day program is a simple way to impart needed pre-kindergarten skills to their child in a fun and convenient way. All teaching/learning experiences take place during normal household routines (doing laundry, doing household chores, fixing dinner or going to the grocery store). Each day gives the parent 3 simple daily exercises (10-15 minute total). The vocabulary and skills needed for a successful start in kindergarten are sprinkled in and repeated several times throughout the program. Skills are taught via experiences with the child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch. Public domain nursery rhymes and songs are throughout the calendar to add fun and whimsy to the lessons.

The Apple App information page is-

The Web Site is:

Thank you,

Nancy Chupp

May 21, 2013
Excelerate SPANISH is for Homeschoolers! NEW
by: Caryn Hommel

I am a homeschool mom of four, a former public school Spanish teacher, and the author of Excelerate SPANISH, which I designed specifically for homeschool families. :) No previous experience with Spanish is required, so ANY parent can use the program successfully with her children (and learn along with them, if desired!) The DVDs provide the necessary instruction, lesson books and workbooks offer practice opportunities, and answer keys take away the guesswork.

There is a short video at explaining how the program works. Books and DVDs are available on Amazon, and purchasers receive my ongoing support via email! See also the Excelerate Spanish facebook page for many free resources, articles, and ideas. Gracias!

Apr 16, 2015
try NEW
by: andria

Homeschooling in a national language is not so easy as there are a few site who are providing this facility. If you are in a situation that you have no other way to teach him other than the Spanish then search the internet and there are about ten sites who are providing these help. And make a visit to the elders in your area.Web Based EMR

May 10, 2015
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