Affordable Homeschool Curriculum Guides, Projects and Hands-On Fun

A great place to find loads of homeschool curriculum guides, ebooks and affordable hands-on projects is through online stores specializing in downloadable curriculum.

Compared to regular hard copies, downloadable books, software and media cost less due to the elimination of packaging materials and normal shipping costs associated with physical merchandise.

Many online businesses today give customers the option to save money by downloading digital versions; a welcome opportunity for busy, time-pressed and dollar-stretching parents.

Instant Homeschool Lessons

Home educators benefit greatly from this ever-changing technology by having additional, faster and easier ways to acquire ready-made lessons, information and help at a moment's notice. No one can be 100% prepared, 100% of the time!

Curriculum in a Click!

If you like digital products or need to save money, then you are going to love CurrClick – an online store stocked full of the latest and greatest electronic homeschool curriculum guides and ebooks to help you homeschool easily and more affordably. At the click of a mouse you can download homeschool lessons, projects and even take online classes!

A Money-saving Mission

CurrClick (short for Curriculum in a Click) was started by two homeschooling moms who want to make homeschooling easier and more affordable for parents like you and me. Although I have never met these two moms except through email, I really like them – I mean what penny-pinching parent wouldn't?

Because I always want to know about the people behind the websites I visit, I thought I'd introduce to you the founders of CurrClick, so you could meet them too.


homeschool curriculum guides

Staley Krause is mother of two wonderful children whom she homeschooled for fourteen (14) years. Her background in the publishing industry, combined with homeschooling, led her to the concept of downloadable homeschool curriculum, and eventually,

She lives in Peoria, IL and feels extremely blessed to be able to work from home with her wonderful husband, who also has a home office.

homeschool ebooks Leah Nieman has been homeschooling her two awesome kids for nine years. She is a curriculum junkie and was thrilled when Staley approached her with the concept of downloadable homeschool curriculum. Already an eBook lover, she was excited to begin the venture of creating a site which would offer downloadable curriculum to homeschoolers all around the world.

She lives in Peoria, IL and is blessed to have a job which gives her flexibility to work and homeschool all around her husband’s 2nd shift schedule.

Digital Homeschool Curriculum Guides and More

You will find a variety of digital products and homeschool curriculum guides from popular publishers like Teacher Created Resources, Evan-Moor, Amanda Bennett, Hands of a Child and Scholastic.

Print Vs Digital

I recently had a conversation with another homeschool mom about the curriculum she chose for a class at our homeschool co-op. She is using the pictured Human Body curriculum guide to teach a human body class to some very active 5-7 year olds.

homeschool curriculum guides

You can find this book in print or as an ebook. But what version should you choose?

Although my friend has the regular book with reproducible pages, she would rather have the ebook version – it makes copying pages and printing activities so much easier.

Many of us do not have copiers in our homes, but most of us have a printer.

With ebooks, no copier is needed, just click and print right to your printer.

Shop from Home

As a busy homeschooling mom, shopping isn't one of my favorite things to do, especially with my young kids in tow. Except for the weekly stocking of our cupboards or special sales (of course!), I rarely see the inside of a retail store during the day – I don't have the time or the energy to pack up the family just to go out and search for the things I need.

Finding homeschooling websites like CurrClick that have a wide assortment of resources for all ages eliminates the need to go from site to site in search of grade or topic-specific materials.

CurrClick's extensive list includes downloadable homeschool curriculum guides, bargain-priced unit studies, electronic lapbooks and resources for every grade and age-level, on a wide variety of subjects.

Go now, click on over to CurrClick and download some affordable homeschool fun in a... click!

45+ Free Homeschool eBooks

If you have elementary-aged homeschooling students, you are going to love this resource: Over Forty-five Interactive Homeschool eBooks for Free!

Choose Home School Material That's Perfect For Your Family

Be ready, relaxed and resolute when finding, choosing and purchasing new home school material for next year!

Avoid Used Curriculum Buying Blunders!

Buying used home school curriculum is probably one of the best ways to save money on your home schooling expenses... Or is it?

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