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Dear Heather,
Thank you for all that you do. You are a blessing to all of us.
God bless you and your family.
Maureen M., home educator

Thank you for your time and many tips as we begin our homeschool journey this Fall. Sincerely, Krista S., NY

Daily Grams

End grammar grumbles and struggles - check out why this mom recommends Daily Gram... Our current 4th and 7th graders do a Daily Gram each morning. We

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Abeka Video Curriculum

Eliminate homeschooling stress with Abeka video curriculum. Find out Abeka dvds helped this mom continued to homeschool despite a trying first year...

Continue reading "Abeka Video Curriculum"

Thrifty Teaching Textbooks Tips

End your homeschooling math struggles! Homeschool mom recommends Teaching Textbooks and shares some money-saving tips; read her review... We initially

Continue reading "Thrifty Teaching Textbooks Tips"

Robinson Curriculum and Money-saving Ideas

Hi! I'm Jessica Worthier, instructor/director here at Chosen Generation Home Education program stationed in FL. I am just referring the Robinsons curriculum

Continue reading "Robinson Curriculum and Money-saving Ideas"

Saxon Teacher DVDs

Learn more about Saxon Teacher DVDs and why you would want to use them in your home school... As a homeschool mom who has used Saxon math for my students,

Continue reading "Saxon Teacher DVDs"

Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World

Want to learn more about Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World? Natalia, a homeschooling mom of many, shares about both; check out her informative review...

Continue reading "Charlotte Mason and My Fathers World"

Saxon 5/4 Review

Wondering if Saxon is for you? Former homeschooler shares an informative Saxon 5/4 review to help you learn more about this home school math curriculum.

Continue reading "Saxon 5/4 Review"

JoAnn Teacher Appreciation Day

Get ready to save during Jo-Ann Teacher Appreciation Day... and home educators are always included! JoAnn Teacher Appreciation Days are usually in August.

Continue reading "JoAnn Teacher Appreciation Day"

Saxon Math Success and Savings

This is our second year using Saxon Math. I will have two 5th graders and a 3rd grader using this curriculum. My two 5th graders are at completely different

Continue reading "Saxon Math Success and Savings"

K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy was the absolute worst decision I have ever made in an online home school. My daughter went there for three years, for 5-7th.

Continue reading "K12 International Academy"

Dollywood Homeschool Day

Get ready for some hands-on homeschool fun AND savings during Dollywood Homeschool Days! Homeschooling families are invited to attend, not one day, but

Continue reading "Dollywood Homeschool Day"

Disney Homeschool Days = Magical Homeschool Savings

Disney Homeschool Days event is planned for Fall 2014 at Walt Disney World, in Florida. This Fall, you and your family can discover the world of theatrical

Continue reading "Disney Homeschool Days = Magical Homeschool Savings"

Mardel Educator Appreciation Day!

The Mardel Educator Appreciation Day is a great time to stock up or finish your last minute homeschool curriculum shopping before school starts. Stores

Continue reading "Mardel Educator Appreciation Day!"

Ocean State Job Lot Home Educator Discount

What's better than saving money at Ocean State Job Lot? How about an Ocean State Job Lot home educator discount? When I moved to New Hampshire, I spent

Continue reading "Ocean State Job Lot Home Educator Discount"

Office Max Teacher Appreciation Day

Mark your calendars for Office Max Teacher Appreciation Day during the month of August! All teachers (home educators included) will receive a free re-usable

Continue reading "Office Max Teacher Appreciation Day"

Office Depot Teacher Appreciation Week

Mark your calendars for the Office Depot Educator Appreciation Week coming soon to a location near you! A couple times during the school year, Office

Continue reading "Office Depot Teacher Appreciation Week"

Staples Teacher Appreciation Day

Mark your calendars! Staples Teacher Appreciation Day is coming to a local store near you during the month of August. Home educators are included! See

Continue reading "Staples Teacher Appreciation Day"

Online Home School Success and Safety

Enjoy online home school success: Web-based curriculum, courses, and classes provide parents a flexible home schooling opportunity.

Continue reading "Online Home School Success and Safety"

TabletClass Math: Affordable Online Homeschool Courses

Move over Saxon, Math-U-See, and Teaching Textbooks; there's another kid on the block! TabletClass Math delivers high quality video math lessons for middle school and high school

Continue reading "TabletClass Math: Affordable Online Homeschool Courses"

Hassle-free Online Homeschooling Options

From full-service, private academies, to free virtual schools, online homeschooling comes in all shapes and sizes, to fit your child's educational needs, your lifestyle, and your budget!

Continue reading "Hassle-free Online Homeschooling Options"

TabletClass Online Math Courses Review

Is your student struggling with Pre-Algebra through college level mathematics? Check out TabletClass online math courses for independent learning.

Continue reading "TabletClass Online Math Courses Review"

Stress-free Online Homeschooling Programs

Save time. Eliminate home educating headaches. Online homeschooling programs take the "stress" out of teaching your children at home.

Continue reading "Stress-free Online Homeschooling Programs"

Homeschooling Online Benefits Busy Families

Click your way to hassle-free home education; homeschooling online provides busy families a worry-free, school-at-home option.

Continue reading "Homeschooling Online Benefits Busy Families"

Negative Effects of Homeschooling Do Exist!

Discover how friendship, guidance, encouragement and support help you conquer some real, yet surmountable negative effects of homeschooling.

Continue reading "Negative Effects of Homeschooling Do Exist!"

Home Schooling Requirements

Learn about different types of home schooling requirements and which laws you must follow to home school your children legally.

Continue reading "Home Schooling Requirements"

Homeschooling and Socialization: Three Common Worries and Fears

Struggling with the decision to homeschool? Wondering about homeschooling and socialization? Not sure how your kids will turn out, or scared they'll miss out? You're not alone!

Continue reading "Homeschooling and Socialization: Three Common Worries and Fears"

Homeschooling Preschool Tips

Creative home educators shares some helpful homeschooling preschool tips and advice from their experience.

Continue reading "Homeschooling Preschool Tips"

Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

Homeschooling mom finally finds free homeschool preschool curriculum for her very active son. Read her Brightly Beaming Resources, Preparatory Curriculum

Continue reading "Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum"

BJU Heritage Studies 2 Review

My daughter constantly struggled with school. She had an incredible desire to go and learn, but when she was there, it was a nightmare for her. After

Continue reading "BJU Heritage Studies 2 Review"

Spelling City

Spelling City is a free online program for spelling practice. Find out why parents and kids love it, as well as it's sister site, Vocabulary City!

Continue reading "Spelling City"

Christian Liberty Academy

Christian Liberty Academy provides homeschool curriculum, teacher support, and other services to help you educate your children with ease.

Continue reading "Christian Liberty Academy"

Abeka Homeschool Program

Certified public school teacher highly recommends Abeka homeschool program; read her review to discover why... We loved Abeka K4, so we enrolled for K5

Continue reading "Abeka Homeschool Program"

K12 Virtual School Reviews

Parents share K12 Virtual School reviews - why they chose online schooling, what they like about their school, and if they recommend this learn-at-home option to others.

Continue reading "K12 Virtual School Reviews"

Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Interested in the Charlotte Mason homeschool method? Check out some recommended resources from parents who use this teaching method with their children.

Continue reading "Charlotte Mason Homeschool"

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Reviews

Read Rosetta Stone homeschool reviews to find out if this foreign language homeschooling curriculum is the perfect program for you and your family.

Continue reading "Rosetta Stone Homeschool Reviews"

Math-U-See Reviews

Home educators share enlightening Math-U-See reviews to help you learn more about this homeschooling math program.

Continue reading "Math-U-See Reviews"

Horizons Math Reviews

Homeschooling parents Horizons Math reviews - they highly recommend this homeschool curriculum because its colorful, thorough and...

Continue reading "Horizons Math Reviews"

Easy Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for the Entire Family

Is your homeschool Spanish curriculum boring? Are you tired of nagging your kids to do their Spanish lessons? This mom was until she stumbled upon the

Continue reading "Easy Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for the Entire Family"

Thomas Kinkade Art Curriculum

Homeschooling parents share their experience with AOP Drawing Basics with Thomas Kinkade art curriculum.

Continue reading "Thomas Kinkade Art Curriculum"

Time 4 Learning Homeschool

Use individual courses, or a full grade; homeschooling parents share helpful Time 4 Learning homeschool reviews...

Continue reading "Time 4 Learning Homeschool"

Find out why these homeschooling moms absolutely LOVE; read their reviews...

Continue reading ""

Heart of Dakota Reviews

If you're looking for an already-planned-out, Christian homeschool curriculum, check out these Heart of Dakota reviews to find out if this curriculum is the perfect fit for you.

Continue reading "Heart of Dakota Reviews"

Explode the Code Reviews

Make learning to write and read, fun and hassle-free! Read Explode the Code reviews to learn why homeschooling parents choose this homeschool reading program.

Continue reading "Explode the Code Reviews"

Playing Hooky From Any Homeschool Curriculum

Got kids who disappear when you bring out the homeschool curriculum? Find out why this young girl will never think of playing homeschool hooky again! :)

Continue reading "Playing Hooky From Any Homeschool Curriculum"

All American History

All American History: A homeschool history curriculum for middle school. Read parent reviews to learn more...

Continue reading "All American History"

Story of the World

Liven up your homeschool history lessons with the popular and engaging read-aloud Story of the World series...

Continue reading "Story of the World"

Shurley English Reviews

Does your child hate grammar or english lessons? Check out these helpful Shurley English reviews to find out if this homeschooling program is right for you.

Continue reading "Shurley English Reviews"

Mom Discovers Best Homeschooling Curriculum

I am a homeschooling mom of two daughters ages five and eight. We are of the Charlotte Mason mindset, so our homeschooling endeavors thus far have been

Continue reading "Mom Discovers Best Homeschooling Curriculum"

Our Journey to Find the Perfect Homeschool Curriculum

One mom tells the story of her journey to find the perfect curriculum for her family, and shares several homeschool curriculum reviews too! Read her story

Continue reading "Our Journey to Find the Perfect Homeschool Curriculum"

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