A Homeschool Co-op -
A Secret to Leveraging Your Time
and Saving Money!

When it comes to maximizing your homeschooling time, a secret may be in your local homeschool co-op!

As a home educator, your time is precious.

You only have so much available and need to use it wisely.

A homeschool co-op allows home educators to maximize their time by leveraging the strengths of other people.

There are many people in the community, with like values – other homeschooling families, professionals, and volunteers who would love to share their expertise with your children.

Benefit From the Knowledge of Others

For almost ten years, I have had the privilege of exposing my children to talented and gifted people who taught my children everything from sewing and web design to robotics and journalism.

People from all walks of life, who have a passion for children and education, special hobbies or knowledge that far exceeds mine. Why should I struggle through teaching my child physics when a local homeschooling parent absolutely loves science, has a physics degree or is a physics “buff”?

Benefit From the Expertise of Others

One homeschool dad took time off during his lunch break to teach our children an electronics class. Each student built a transistor radio. Our electronics dad absolutely loved sharing his knowledge – he was in his "element" :) and the kids were fascinated with his class!

Another dad took his passion as a CPA and taught the kids money-management and how to set up and start a business! Each student took a business idea and created a working model – they loved it and had the privilege of working with someone who had the knowledge and expertise to guide them through the process.

Benefit From the Strengths of Others

Homeschooling allows you to provide the best possible education for your children. Being involved in a co-op lets you focus on the basics and more on what you love to teach.

If there are certain skills you lack or subjects you would rather not teach, participating in a homeschool co-op gives you access to a wealth of knowledge to enrich your child’s homeschool experience.

Tapping into the knowledge and expertise of others not only benefits your children’s home education, it increases your time!

It relieves any stress or worry from the pressure of having to be an expert or know everything to successfully home school your child (that is a lie, by the way – you do not need to know everything about everything to homeschool your children!).

Stretch Your Homeschool Dollars Further

Looking for inexpensive homeschooling ideas or affordable opportunities?

A homeschool co-op offers your homeschooling family a cost-effective way for your children to take enrichment classes. Courses are usually taught by participating parents but sometimes volunteers or business professionals teach as well.

Taking classes through a homeschool co op can be extremely affordable – prices vary depending on how the co-op is set-up. Costs are lower because you invest your time in either helping in a class, with administration or as a class facilitator (instructor).

Participating in a homeschool co-op also offers a great way for homeschooling high school students to earn credit for your home school high school diploma.

Get the Support You Need.

A homeschool co op can also provide you the needed support you desire. Co-operatives are different than regular home school support groups but many do offer additional opportunities for support, help and guidance.

Eliminate the "Socialization" Worry

Another benefit of participating in a homeschool co op is the opportunity for socialization that your children will receive.

Although the socialization issue is more of a concern for non-homeschoolers - often the first topic of conversation when learning about our decision to homeschool, a co-op offers opportunities for interaction with others.

My children have had the privilege of meeting, building relationships and learning from a diverse group of wonderful and knowledgeable individuals, from all walks of life.

Not only do these relationships enrich my children’s educational experience, their lives are richer as they learn to relate and interact with others of all ages, not just their peer group...which may be the biggest blessing.

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