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by Dionna
(United States)

Dionna, a homeschooling mom, shares one of her favorite homeschool blogs for support, encouragement, and curriculum ideas...

At Rose Court School we use a homeschool friendly website called for many resources including, but not limited to, curriculum, help/getting started books and resources, and support. Starting out homeschooling regardless of age or grade can be difficult and we appreciate resources such as this for help.

Currently teaching early learners preschool, we need multiple supplies in addition to books, etc. and the costs can sure rack up! not only provides the resources such as curriculum and planners at a very low price, but they have links to many other places, blogs, and ideas to obtain all sorts of inspiration, help, and supplies needed to succeed!

One thing to save money we do is try to go to library for our reading books if they won't be needing to be marked in. Even if it's only a matter of a few books a week it certainly cuts our book cost at the end of the year!

Good luck and many blessings from Rose Court School. There's keys to succeed found is just one door to be explored!

Thanks so much for sharing one of your favorite homeschool blogs with other parents. I love when we find other homeschoolers who we connect with and receive encouragement and support from; your thoughts are greatly appreciated and helpful! Thanks, also, for the money-saving, book-buying tip! Blessings, Heather :)

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