Home Schooling vs Public Schooling: Overcoming Your Child's Resistance

Home schooling vs public schooling. Yikes! Which one do you choose?Deciding to home school can be especially hard if those around you do not support you or agree with you. You may also feel added pressure, if your child wants to go to school.

Every parent wants the best for their child. It's one of the reasons why the home schooling vs public schooling choice is so difficult to make.

You may really want to home school, but your child really wants to go to school.

You want to make the best decision, as well as meet the needs or desires of your child.

As a caring parent, you take into consideration the feelings and thoughts of your children, but ultimately you are the parent and need to decide what’s best.

Even if it goes against what your children think they really want.

Home Schooling vs Public Schooling... Help!

Sending children to public school is pretty much the norm, isn't it? Yes, many families can afford private schools but the majority of children go to government funded public schools.

When your child reaches school age, they may see their friends go to school and want to go with them. Children want to have fun... however, if they really knew they would be doing "school WORK" all day, would they really want to go? :)

I think most children like the idea of school. They see other kids going somewhere and don’t want to be left out. But you know the benefits of homeschooling vs public schooling and really want to give it a try.

So how do you say "yes" to homeschooling even though your child wants to go to school?

Get Involved!

A solution that you both might like is getting involved in a homeschool enrichment program like a homeschool co-op.

I actually started a co-op in my area when I first began home schooling, because my kids wanted to go to school like other children. At the time, there weren't many programs available.

However, with the growth of homeschooling, you will find many homeschooling activities and opportunities for your child to participate in and enjoy.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Our family gets the best of both worlds. We homeschool during the week and then on Friday's we go to our co-op which you can call "school" too.

My kids love it and I love that we get away from our home and out to see others. My kids have also taken some wonderful classes taught by many qualified individuals at our co-op.

Many home school support groups and co-ops offer home school field trips, park days, sports programs, etc. for homeschooling families.

You will also find gymnastics and art facilities, dance studios and other local businesses who offer classes, specifically for homeschooled students.

I think once you start to home school, your children will not miss "going to school" like other children.

They will have enough fun stuff of their own to do!

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