Benefits and Pitfalls of Your
Home Schooling Text Book

Many parents decide to use a home schooling text book when starting to teach their children at home.

As the home education movement grows, you will find an increased number of text books and educational resources designed specifically for home use.

Using text books for lessons, provides new and seasoned home educators a convenient way to school at home.

Although there are many other teaching methods, you may feel more confident in your home schooling by using a trusted and reliable text book for your child’s lessons.

Home schooling using text books, offers you:

Most of us grew up in traditional schools, whether public or private.

We know what a textbook is and how to use one. A good textbook contains most, if not all of the material required, at a certain grade level.

Everything is contained in one source. Busy parents appreciate eliminating a ton of extra work looking for information on a subject.

Schooling doesn't need to stop when you need to leave the house. Bring your pencil, eraser, notebook and text book with you where ever you go!

My children get a lot of school done while traveling in the car or waiting for their siblings at doctors or dentist appointments, etc.

Some pitfalls of using a home schooling text book.

Textbooks are heavy.
If you need to take more than one subject with you when leaving the house, textbooks become cumbersome.

Provide limited information.
Only so much information can be included in a text book, providing a broad over-view of all the material your child needs to know for a certain subject. Sometimes you will find limited information on a topic.

Use the text as a starting point for more in-depth lessons or mini homeschool unit studies. Get supplemental materials and books to delve further into a topic or area you want to focus on, or when your child shows interest.

Boring or uninteresting.
Remember your school text books? I remember mine, especially history... a subject I absolutely hated in school!

If you found certain school books dry, look for text books that reinforces lessons through a variety of hands-on projects and activities. Or use a different teaching method for subjects your child struggles with or finds boring.

Home schooling should be a fun, rewarding adventure, for both you and your child. If your home schooling text book isn't giving you the results you want, it may be time to try something new!

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