Six Home Schooling Spanish Tips

Contrary to what you might believe, home schooling Spanish isn’t so difficult. Yes, it will take a little work and diligence on your part, but the investment of your time and money is so worth it.

If you already know some Spanish from your own school years, teaching Spanish to your child will be easier.

However, even if you have never taken Spanish before in your life, your child can successfully learn Spanish at home.

Because parents have many questions about home schooling Spanish, I've asked Beth Butler, an experienced Spanish teacher, to share some simple tips so you can achieve Spanish learning (and teaching) success.

Six Simple Steps For Bilingual Bliss

Parents across the world see a very global future for their children and want to prepare them for it. We have read the reports of bilingual children scoring higher on standardized tests and reading sooner than monolingual children.

With the following six simple steps you and your family can bloom into a second language journey:

    1. Start the second language learning as early in your child's life as possible. Experts agree – the earlier, the better.

    2. Find a bilingual language learning program, product or class for your child that incorporates the following components necessary for success: visual, music, beginning reading and verbal exchange.

    3. Show your child you value speaking a second language. Visit the local library for bilingual books and fun children’s programs and make learning the new language fun for your child and yourself.

    4. Do not allow anyone try to convince you that learning a second language needs to come after your child has mastered her native language. The myth that children will be language delayed if a new language is introduced early in life is just that – a myth.

    5. As the parent you need to practice the new language with your children. Join in on the fun!

    6. Have realistic expectations for your child. Becoming fluent in a new language takes time and takes living the language.

You can give your child the gift of a second language. You know what you can fit into your daily routine and still make it fun for all. Now just get the learning started!

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Beth Butler is an educator who has found a simple and fun solution for introducing Spanish to children through music, movement and creativity. Experience children singing, dancing and playing with The Boca Beth Program CDs and DVDs online at You will witness a fun and easy way to bring Spanish to life. Orders can be placed on line or by calling toll free to 1.877.825.2622

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Home Schooling Spanish Help

Discover some benefits of learning Spanish as a second language; yes, you can homeschool Spanish easily and successfully!

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