Five Easy Ways to Discover
Your Home Schooling Laws

When beginning to home school your child, you will want to know the home schooling laws and requirements for your state. 

Home schooling according to your state's laws can prevent a possible run-in with authorities or other potential problems.

Some states require you to register your home school, while others may require you to administer testing, submit a portfolio, or your curriculum outline to governing authorities.

In some areas, local school authorities are given the responsibility of approving all home education programs for children during the years of compulsory attendance.

You may need to submit a letter of intent stating your family's intention to home school, which includes the names and ages of your children.

Other states require you to fill out and notarize government-issued home school forms. Remember to keep a cordial, pleasant tone when dealing with officials. Many home educators and school districts often have positive working relationships with each other.

Following some simple steps when removing your child from public or private school makes the transition and the start of home schooling easier and more successful for you and your child.

Should you ever be questioned about the legality of home schooling, remember: home schooling is legal in every state of the US. Sometimes all you may need to do is print off the homeschooling laws for your state.

Many sources provide information on the home schooling laws for each state. Make sure you gather your information from a reliable informant.

1. Home School Legal Organizations

HSLDA, also known as the Home School Legal Defense Association has been helping homeschoolers since 1983. Two home schooling lawyer dads founded the organization to defend and advance the constitutional rights of parents to home school their children and protect family freedoms.

Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

Another similar organization is The National Center for Homeschool Liberty; they also provide homeschool legal defense and support.

Although it is not necessary to join a legal organization, you may appreciate the extra reassurance and peace of mind you receive from knowing help is only a phone call away.

You can find more information on homeschool legal support on our website.

2. Find Home Schooling Laws Through Your State's Government Website

You can find detailed information about the home schooling laws in your state, on your state's government website. To easily find the information you are looking for, type home school, home schooling or homeschooling into the search box on their website, or look for a link to the "Education Department" area of the website.

A mistake I have made more than once, is going to a website that I thought was my state’s website, but it turned out to be a look-a-like commercial website. Government website addresses will end in .gov and educational websites end in .edu, most of the time.

3. A State Support Group

State support groups provide detailed information about their state's home schooling laws. Most state support groups actively monitor legislation that will affect home schooling; group members support the organization through membership fees, attending conventions, donations, etc.

Supporting your state support group helps those who work on your behalf, to monitor your home schooling laws and ensure that laws do not get passed that could adversely affect your right to home school.

Many times, state support groups work in conjunction with a national organization like HSLDA, to protect and further the home school movement.

4. Home Schooling Friends

Your homeschooling friends will be an invaluable source of encouragement and support for you while home schooling.

When home school struggles surface or questions arise, fellow home schooling parents provide unique wisdom, guidance and encouragement. Since they also share the similar home school experience, they understand what you are going through.

Home schooling friends can also provide insight into the home schooling laws in your state or specific home schooling requirements, information about area events, homeschooling activities for your family and local support groups.

Even though you submitted all the required forms, or documents and are home schooling according to your state’s laws, sometimes we still need affirmation from somebody else that we are doing the right thing. Home schooling friends provide just that!

5. Local Support Groups/Curriculum Providers/Umbrella Schools

Many times you can also find information regarding home schooling laws from your local support group, homeschool co-op, or curriculum providers. Umbrellas schools also provide additional services like home school support, information on laws and requirements, forums and activities.

Sometimes government documents and laws sound like a lot of "mumbo jumbo", so finding a local home school group is a good idea. Other home educators are more than willing to help you decipher your state's home school laws!

When setting up your home school, it's very important to know what regulations and homeschooling requirements, if any, you must meet to begin schooling your child at home.

Being involved in a local support group offers your family many additional home school benefits, but you will appreciate learning firsthand about home schooling in your state, or area, from families who are home schooling nearby. 

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