Home Schooling College on a Budget

Home schooling college students can take advantage of some great money and time-saving options when earning their degrees at home.

If you have decided that home schooling college is a great fit for you or your teen, consider some affordable ways you can begin to earn your degree, or at least part of it, at home.

Online College Classes

Online classes are typically cheaper then their traditional counterpart and provide additional cost-cutting benefits by eliminating gas and commuting expenses.

Many, if not all traditional universities or colleges offer online courses. Some traditional schools offer the opportunity to earn a complete degree from home. While some degrees can't be earned completely outside of the classroom, many can.

Some colleges limit the number of online courses a student can take when earning a degree. They allow a certain number of credit hours that can be taken off campus and then the remaining credits must be taken on campus – still a great way to save money when getting a college degree.

Distance Learning Schools

Another way to earn a degree without leaving home is through a reputable online school that specializes in online degrees. Typically, online schools are cheaper than online classes through a brick and mortar school.

Less Expensive Schools

If earning a full degree through one school is too expensive, take some of your classes at a less expensive institution and then transfer your credits to the college where you will earn your degree. Community college classes usually cost a lot less compared to state and private universities. Our community college charges around $70 per credit hour while the state college charges $400!

Online community college classes may not be that much cheaper than regular classes, but you will eliminate commuting costs as well as class and travel time.

You may want to look into transferring earned credits to a less expensive distance learning school to finish your degree; another affordable option.

Credit By Examination

If you want to drastically cut college expenses, you can take college exams and earn college credit without actually taking the college course.

Credit by examination works well for both students and adults who know a lot about the course they want to test out of, or have hands-on or work experience.

Thousands of colleges and universities accept credit by examination, and the cost to take the test is around $70-$80, depending on the test. Testing out is an excellent money-saving opportunity for the right individual.

Benefit$ of Homeschooling College

Find out why doing college at home is perfect for high school students looking to save money on college costs and/or who want to accelerate their education.

More College at Home Benefits

Homeschooling college may seem weird to some, but a growing number of savvy students know the true benefits of earning their degree at home.

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