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Home school Texas families enjoy freedom and liberty when teaching their children at home.

As a home school parent, some of the many benefits waiting for you are: easy home school laws, a wealth of valuable resources, loads of support groups and educational opportunities.

When home schooling in Texas, you do not have to submit any forms or documents to home school your child legally.

Home school Texas laws allow you to establish and operate your home school as a private school.

When schooling your child at home, the subjects you are required to teach are reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and a study of good citizenship.

Of course, if you are pulling your children out of public or private school, you will want to show courtesy by notifying school officials of your decision.

Make sure you keep a copy of your letter for your records. You will also want to ask the school, for your child’s school records and transcript.

To find the home school laws for Texas, you can visit the Texas government website or contact:

Texas Education Agency
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701-1494
Telephone: 512.463.9630
Fax: 512.475.3666

Statewide organizations and local home school groups provide you the needed support, information and help you need to home school your child successfully in the state of Texas.

Many support groups charge membership fees, while others provide services free of charge.

Some state support groups also hold an annual home school convention or curriculum fairs to meet the needs of home schooling families or members.

Statewide groups may also have information on local home school support groups, a homeschool co-op near you or area homeschooling activities available to you.

When looking for a support group, make sure they offer the services, provide the support, information and opportunities you need and want as a home schooling parent.

Also, when choosing a home school support group, make sure you agree with their mission statement, political and/or religious views.

For complete details on home schooling laws visit the state support groups below, HSLDA’s website or the Texas government website. (http://www.tea.state.tx.us/home.school/index.html)

State Support for Home School Texas Families.

THSC Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)
PO Box 6747
Lubbock, TX 79493
Phone:(806) 744-4441
Website: www.thsc.org

The Texas Home School Coalition Association provides legal assistance for home schooling families in the state of Texas.

THSC maintains ongoing relationships with Texas elected officials and other pro-family organizations to promote home school freedoms.

Membership Fee: $85 per family


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