Home School Support Groups
Make Home School Life Easier!

A wide variety of home school support groups are available for any home school family looking to connect with others.

Joining one is definitely worth the investment of your time and energy!

The types of groups and their offerings are as varied as the families that attend!

As home schooling grows drawing families from all walks of life, the choices will also increase providing greater support for home schooling families.

Home school support groups provide families a place to receive as well as give support and encouragement.

Connecting with other home school families benefits moms, dads as well as home schooled children.

When we took our daughter out of school mid year, she missed her friends. She longed to be with the kids she saw playing at recess, at a school near our home. She saw them having fun and wanted to be like them. She thought she was the only one being homeschooled and felt different... alone.

Needed support for your entire family!

Home school support groups can provide your entire family with the support and encouragement they need to continue to homeschool especially when times get tough and you want to give up.

Meeting with other home school families can eliminate your children’s desire to go to “regular” school.

My children became more content as they built relationships while taking enrichment classes with their homeschooling peers. They realized that they weren’t alone, or odd and began to love being at home.

Homeschool field trips co-ordinated through a support group, provide a fun way to meet other families and learn at the same time.

Just recently, a wonderful new family joined our homeschool co-op. Their older children thought they were the only ones being home schooled because they had never connected with or even met other home schooled children.

At first this seemed odd to me but I realized that in certain areas, sometimes in large cities where life is more impersonal, it is difficult to meet others. Many do not know where or how to find other home schooling families, and our group welcomed them with open arms!

These kids were so excited to finally meet the other kids in our group, their faces shone the day we met and... they no longer want to go back to public school!

Your personal cheer-leaders.

Homeschooling is not easy and there have been a few times I have felt like giving up. It’s not uncommon to feel alone or disconnected from others as we devote most of our time to the raising and schooling of our kids.

My spouse is a great support to me and I value his input and wisdom. I also need friends.

Having like-minded friends around to cheer you on or to offer advice is such a blessing! Without my homeschooling friends, I think I would have given up homeschooling a long time ago... or at least not enjoyed it as much!

Scheduled time for you.

At times I long to be like my non-homeschooling friends - free to go to coffee, to get together or go out shopping when I want. As a homeschool mom, I don’t always get any "me-time" - time to focus on my needs as a parent and home educator.

Attending support meetings allows you to get out of the house on a regular basis and focus on you for an hour or two. As a home school parent it’s so easy to forget about your needs and taking care of yourself.

Belonging to a support group makes it easy to remember! :)

Attending regular support events provides the necessary and needed occasional break from your daily routine, as well as needed social time. Having scheduled time to get out and meet with other homeschoolers will help you focus better on your children and homeschooling.

Consistent encouragement and support offered through your local group not only encourages you in your homeschooling journey but motivates and helps you to become a better educator and parent to your children.

Through local home school support groups, you will find a caring community of supportive people, the personal support you need, encouragement for your homeschooling journey and fun along the way!

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Home school support served up any way you like it! Find some today! :)

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