Home School Software Discounts and Savings

A great place to buy discounted academic and educational home school software is through Academic Superstore.

Academic Superstore has one of the largest selections of academic software in the nation and they sell at the guaranteed lowest price - up to 80% off the normal retail price!

Academic partners with the top technology manufacturers including Adobe, Microsoft, Sibelius, Sony Media Software, and Wacom, to bring excellent service and prices which are available only to students, schools - including home schools, and teachers.

Academic Superstore only sells to the educational market and eligibility requirements are strictly enforced.

Academic Superstore is Homeschool Friendly

Your homeschool identification card is your passport to savings! Home educators and home schooling students can order educational software and hardware products through Academic Superstore.

All you have to do is fax them a copy of your home school identification, or ONE of the forms below, dated for the current semester:

  • The student's most recent Report Card
  • Current semester/school year Student ID
  • A Letter of Enrollment on home school letterhead

Top Software, Hardware and Accessories

Academic Superstore carries thousands of name-brand hardware and software products at special academic savings exclusively for you!

Popular brands like Adobe, Corel, Educational Insights, Houghton Mifflin, Inspiration, Leap Frog, Microsoft, Scholastic, Sony, Symantek, Toon Boom and more!

Have fun shopping! :)

Visit Academic Superstore now and save up to 85% on educational toys and software!

Free Homeschool ID Cards!

Want to help others? Submit a curriculum review and receive homeschool id cards for your entire family, absolutely free!

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