Hate Teaching Science? Ready to Quit?
How About a Home School Science Kit!

If you are looking for a fun and affordable way to teach science at home, a home school science kit may be the solution you are looking for!

When it comes to science kits, the skies the limit!

From chemistry to robotics, and bubbleology to electronics, there are science kits for almost every topic under the sun!

Children can build radios, telephones, robots, clocks, batteries, circuit boards and more while learning about chemistry, solar power, electronics, fiber optics and robotics.

Perfect for adding a spark to any home school science lesson!

A home school science kit contains everything you need to teach either a whole science course or an individual unit to your children.

Children love hands-on learning and you will love not having to purchase individually, the many items needed to complete a project.

Here are some tips to help you when purchasing a science kit for your children...

Batteries Not Included!

Depending how much you spend on a home school science kit, you may need to purchase additional items.

Make sure you read the directions first, on the website or catalog description, so you know. You may need special cutters, a soldering iron or batteries.

The worst thing about purchasing something like electronics is finding out you need a 9 volt or AAA batteries and they aren’t included... kind of like Christmas morning, right? :)

Determine Your Child’s Skill Level First.

Also be aware of the different skill and age levels of a kit.

Kits are designed for every age - beginners to advanced. Purchasing a kit that is too advanced for your child, even if you think they can do it, may result in frustration or discouragement.

Knowing the skills required for each level and choosing the right kit will save you time and possibly a headache, especially if you don’t want to sit there the whole time trying to figure it out yourself!

Prior Knowledge May Be Needed.

Take time before starting a project to learn and practice the different techniques needed to complete a kit. Some kits require prior knowledge or skills like soldering.

Kids love soldering but you will want to make sure your child (or you) knows how to solder before attempting to assemble a kit that involves soldering.

There are beginning soldering kits available that only focus on learning and practicing how to solder.

A non-soldering kit allows your child to jump right in without learning how to use a soldering iron. Perfect for children who aren’t ready to handle equipment that requires more supervision or experience.

Perfect for you too! You can focus on homeschooling another child, take a needed break or get your projects done at the same time.

Once your child has mastered the beginner level, then choose more advanced projects.

Children will also learn patience while they work through introductory techniques and become motivated to finish, so they can tackle harder and more advanced kits.

Do You Want Fries With That?

If you are looking to teach a full course using a home school science kit, look for one with a lab or training manual. Spending a little more money for a kit with a guide is well worth the investment, saving you time looking for additional resources or researching about all the different components.

Science Kits... Perfect for Groups Too!

A dad in our homeschool co-op took time off work to come and help our children put together a radio transmitter one year. Each student received their own kit with everything needed to assemble the radio and our home school dad, guided and taught the class about electronics.

Everyone had a great time – the kids loved learning hands-on and our dad was able to take time out from his busy schedule using a ready made science kit. The only additional item we needed to purchase was soldering irons for each student.

Whether done in a group or alone, a home school science kit teaches more than just knowledge. Exploring concepts through exciting, educational and hands-on projects, your child will experience science so they never forget it.

And... your home school science experience is guaranteed to be what it should be... fun!

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