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Providing adequate and consistent home school physical education for your children is a common challenge among most homeschooling families.

Some home educators can successfully incorporate regular physical activity into their homeschool schedule without needing outside help, but for most of us, gym class falls to the wayside.

After overseeing daily lessons, keeping up with the housework and taking care of the family, there isn’t much time or energy to go out for a bike ride, take a walk let alone teach your child different sport techniques.

I wish I was better at blocking out some time to focus on the different sports and developing my children’s athletic ability.

I loved gym class when I was in school (except swimming class :) and played on many sports teams during my school years but somehow taking time out of my day to teach my kids how to play soccer or basketball, never seems to happen.

There seems to be so many other more important things to accomplish... who has time to teach proper ball throwing or ball dribbling techniques?

Good News for Busy Homeschool Parents!

According to the American Heart Association, though, physical education is more than learning a sport like soccer or basketball.

"Physical education is a planned instructional program with specific objectives. An essential part of the total curriculum, physical education programs increase the physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility, and enjoyment of physical activity for all students so that they can establish physical activity as a natural part of everyday life."

Physical fitness isn’t teaching specific sports, so if you are sports challenged, have no fear! You can help your child become physically fit through a variety of ways, easily from the comfort of your home.

Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Daily Routine.

Making time for physical exercise is so important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

As a busy homeschool parent, look for ways to incorporate physical activity into your homeschool schedule. Stop your math lessons, put down those homes school science textbooks and pencils to spend some time learning outside. Take a brisk walk to the park. Make an obstacle course in the back yard, play on the swingset.

Spending as little as 20-30 minutes a day will dramatically affect your family’s health and physical fitness. Making physical activity a daily requirement, helps to keep exercising consistent. Exercise becomes a part of your daily routine and you will gain a healthy homeschool family!

As parents, we want exercise to become part of our children's lifestyle.

home school physical education fun

Physical Activity - A Cure for Many Problems.

Over the years, I have found that if I exercise, my children will too. Exercise benefits your mind, body and spirit, giving you a better outlook on life. Try taking a walk when you are depressed, I guarantee that you will come back in a better mood!

Home school physical education and exercise also uses up that extra energy kids have.

Many times when my children have problems focusing or sitting still, a few jumping jacks or a quick run around the yard has quickly cured them!

Physical education is also required for (most) highschool diplomas. When my oldest daughter entered high school, I was actually shocked to find out that only one unit of physical education is required to get a high school diploma!

Most states only require one unit but you will want to check your state to make sure you meet the requirements.

Affordable Home School Physical Education for Your Family.

You can also supplement your home school physical education with specific classes or sports programs to focus on a specific sport, skill or to develop your child’s natural abilities.

Most cities offer a variety of individual or team sports for every age, through your local recreational department. You may also find local home school gym classes through your YMCA, fitness centers or through area homeschool groups.

home school physical education classes

Our homeschool co-op provides gym home school physical education classes for homeschooled children of all ages. We offer an affordable opportunity for children to experience group games and organized sports in a non threatening atmosphere.

My husband loves teaching basketball. Every Friday, you will find him on the court with an enthusiastic group of homeschooled students practicing drills, shooting and scrimmaging.

They are not only becoming physically fit and perfecting “their game”, they are learning valuable life lessons – how to work with other people, becoming a team player, leadership skills, taking initiative, working towards common goal, dealing with failure and achieving personal success.

Providing a quality home school physical education class does require some diligence and personal commitment on your part. But scheduling consistent blocks of time for physical activity is not only extremely important to your family’s health and overall lifestyle, it benefits your brain as well!

However you choose to incorporate home school physical education into your home school schedule, make some time for physical activity every day and enjoy more success at homeschooling!

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