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Home school names give home-based schools an identity. Every place of business and organization has a name; why not your home school too?

Although you don't have to name your school, your kids will love to have an official school name; a special name that's unique to your family and family's school.

Want to name your home school, but are stuck for ideas?

Creativity doesn't come easy all the time, or for everyone, so here are some helpful tips as you begin to think about a special name for your family school.

Home School Names Bond Families Together

No, a name doesn't hold magical powers, but there is something special about belonging to a group larger than yourself.

A home school name will help to solidify your family's decision to school at home together, as a family. Your name will remind your children they have a place where they belong; a place where they learn together. Your home school is THEIR school.

Let your children help you name your school; perfect solution especially if you aren't very creative. Naming your school together as a family provides a great opportunity for (or lesson in) family interaction and communication.

Your Family's Individuality

You could use the last name of your family for your school name, but a home school name that doesn't include your family looks more professional when applying to colleges or enrolling in special education programs. However, if you have a cool sounding last name or one that works perfectly with the mission of your home school, use it!

Somewhere in my internet travels, I came across an old blog of Scott Somersville, of Tapestry of Grace and former attorney for HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) and noticed he called their family school, Somerschool. Cute! :)

Include Special Meanings

When pondering home school names, consider a special place, landmark, idea or event that holds special meaning for your family. You or your kids may love the meadow, woods or tall trees around your home. You may live in the country, on a farm, near the water, or in the mountains with a beautiful view; all these places can help you come up with a special name for your home school. 

If you have a mission statement for your home school, use a word or two from it for your name or make an acronym.

For example:

Classical Edventures Academy
LIFE Home School: Learning Is Fun Everyday Home School
GIFTED Academy - God's Institute of Faith-filled Teaching Each Day

A friend of mine used the Italian word for Jesus = Gesù and made an acronym out of it to encompass their family's mission. You could use a word from a different language; you will find many wonderful Latin or Greek words to use. For example the Greek word arete, means excellence.

Keep Your Family Focused

A special school name can serve to remind your family of why you chose to home school. Sometimes we get lost in the day-to-day lessons and forget why we even choose to educate our children at home.

Some families choose home schooling just because it's a better way of learning; others choose to home school because it fits better with their family's lifestyle, while others school at home to have more control over what their children learn or to instill Godly principles in their children. 

Choosing a home school name that reflects WHY your family home schools, will serve as a reminder to focus on the bigger picture.

Provide Encouragement

Your school's name doesn't have to be so serious though; sometimes it's fun just to use a light-hearted, whimsical word or two.

Schooling your children at home isn't always easy. There will be many times you will encounter difficulties and struggles, personally as a parent, or while teaching your children. Home school names can provide families with a little encouragement to keep on keeping-on, even when life gets difficult or the joy of learning gets lost in the day-to-day monotony of life.

Do you need to name your home school? No, but your children will love to have a special name that is unique to YOUR family, your mission, and your reason for home schooling. 

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