Home School My Child...
Who Me?

"I could never home school my child!"

Many times, that's the first comment that comes out of a parent’s mouth when a conversation turns to the subject of home education.

Perhaps you believe this yourself or you question your ability to home school. I used to.

Over the years, I have heard this reply many, many times... from parents, friends and family members, sometimes in defense of why they don’t homeschool.

People often ask me how I can have my children around, and with me ALL the time. They then say... "I could never home school my child!"

And I always reply... "Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!"

You can home school your child!

A growing number of ordinary moms and dads – parents, just like you are choosing to home school their children. The reasons for homeschooling vary from person to person, but all have the same underlining motivations – as parents we love our children and want the best for them.

I realize all children are not the same and some kids can be more difficult to raise, which is why parents may say "I could never home school my child." But just remember...

No one loves your child more than you (and of course, God). The school teacher’s don’t, the public education system doesn’t... you do!

God has given you the ability to know what is best for your child. From birth you have made wise decisions and provided for their needs. You are not only responsible for their spiritual, emotional and physical needs but their intellectual needs as well. It’s your responsibility to ensure that they have the best education possible.

Yes, you can home school your child!

"What do I need to do to home school my child?"

You do not need a college education, a degree or be a professional educator. I have found that the more schooling a parent has, the more unqualified they feel. Seems funny, but its true.

The public education system has parents brainwashed into thinking that parents are not qualified to educate and teach their own children.

However, the exact opposite is true. The word of God says you are responsible to train, teach and guide your children in all aspects of life – even their education like reading, writing and arithmetic!

When I started to home school my child, I was very unsure of myself. My daughter was in first grade at a private Christian school when we decided to start homeschooling. We removed her mid school year and informed her teacher and principal that we were going to home school her.

It was nerve-racking telling them my intentions, especially when many educators do not approve of home-based education, but I knew it was the right decision and one God wanted me to make.

I also had a toddler at home which added to my concerns as a new homeschooling mom, but quickly learned that homeschooling with preschoolers is not as hard as it seems.

I asked the school for all her books and for the next two weeks we enjoyed a relaxing time together developing a homeschool schedule that best fit our family and learning more about homeschooling.

"Now that I have decided to home school my child, what’s next?"

Good question! I have provided some helpful tips to get your home school up and running easily.

You will also find the absolute needed necessities for your homeschool room and tips to guide you when buying homeschooling programs for your family.

Attending a local curriculum fair is a great place to find resources that are available. You can look at, touch, and smell :) new homeschool materials and supplies and talk with homeschool suppliers. Many will answer your questions and provide valuable insight on how to incorporate their educational products into your homeschool day.

Often, classes led by homeschool speakers are available at a home school convention or homeschool fairs. Experienced home educators speak on relevant topics from how to home school to creating a home school transcript. You will find them extremely beneficial.

For more information on homeschooling, homeschooling for beginners, or other questions new homeschooling families ask, you will want to read more in my Homeschool 101 section.

If you have questions about homeschooling your child, please do not hesitate to contact me! I look forward to hearing from you.

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