Afraid of Homeschooling: Special Education Help!

by Claudia Rolsales
(Bellflower, Ca)

Do you homeschool a special needs child? Scared mom needs help! If you know anything about homeschooling special education, please share some encouragement and advice...

Hello, I have a 5th grade child with Tourettes Syndrome and a learning disability. She goes to public school but can't catch up with the class. I have been wanting to homeschool her but am very afraid, I have been looking for someplace to take her to get homeschooled while I volunteer and learn myself, but have not succeeded.

Please can you guide me, is it difficult and do they modify work with children that have special needs.

Claudia, thanks for posting your question, however I do not know much about homeschooling children with special needs. I am putting this out to my fellow homeschoolers and will find some help for you. Blessings, Heather

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Feb 25, 2009
homeschool a special child?
by: Anonymous

you can ask info SPED homschooling
at Getsmart Learning center
Annapolis Greenhills

Feb 13, 2009
No Fear, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
by: Anonymous

Dear Claudia,
Please don't be afraid to teach your daughter at home. No one knows her strengths and weaknesses better than you do, no one else CARES about your child like you do.

I am homeschooling two grandchildren who have learning disabilities and it's no big deal.

Talk to her Special Ed teacher and find out what she has been doing and just start from there. You will have the time she needs to learn whatever she needs to and not be left behind because the rest of the class is ready to go to the next page.

My granddaughter has seizures, it takes her a long time to learn anything, and she really has a bad time retaining what she learns, so we just do it over and over again until she can remember.

My grandson is ADD, it is so hard for him to comprehend what he is reading,since he gets distracted so easily. Both of these kids were in one of the school districts "best" schools. I started out with a 7th grader that couldn't multiply.

Just start where ever she needs to start, and go for it. It's not any different that teaching her to make her bed or wash her face, open the book and follow the directions, kind of like an extended homework session. Again, I repeat, please don't be afraid, just jump in and get started, her life will be vastly enriched and so will yours.

Feb 13, 2009
God is GOOD!
by: Michelle

We have been blessed with a SPECIAL child who has ADHD, and attachment issues. We tried a private school at one time, but brought her home as the Lord strengthened me and my focus on my relationship with her. Then and only then did the academics fall into place. She is not at grade level, but does love learning and is progressing much better than she would in a typical classroom setting.

We use a visual aid sign with subjects and markers to help her keep track of what she is working on. We also use ear protection used on firing ranges that block out distracting noise but allow her to hear my normal tone of voice. We have five children home schooling.

She excels at Spelling, so we make sure she does as much of this as she desires which gives her daily joy and success.

I distinctly remember this very fear and encourage you to lean not on your own understanding, as God will do this very thing for His Glory and the good of yourself and child.

If you have any specific questions you can email me at She has been home schooled for five years now. Praying for your walk.

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Can I Home School My Child Myself?

by concerned mom

My daughter went to a small size school. My daughter was very uncomfortable there, because everyone was calling her racist names. They would do this also in front of the teacher who would do nothing. I had heard remarks at that school, I pulled my daughter out and for reason I wrote racism. Where we live there is no city bus. I would drive her to the larger school, but I can't drive any longer. At that small school she was getting A's and B's. I decided to teacher at home and to move where it was less stressful. Is it ok to teach my child at home myself, I'm working on my B.S. in psychology....Thank you.

Thanks for posting your question to my website; many parents ask the same question!

Parents home school for many reasons and yes, you can home school your child yourself. Homeschooling is legal in every state and most states just require that a parent or guardian has a high school diploma.

The first thing I would advise you to do is familiarize yourself with your state's homeschooling laws. You can easily find that information on your state's department of education website. You can also find short summaries of all the states on the Home School Legal Defense website.

There are many curriculum options to choose from; pick one that fits within your budget and allows you the freedom to get your schoolwork done as well. Most children finish their schoolwork in less time than their public school peers. She should have lots of time to pursue her own interests or hobbies, etc. once she has completed her lessons.

I hope this helps!
Heather :)

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Apr 12, 2012
after HSLDA
by: mrs dani

After you find out the laws, I would suggest using the same website to find a Homeschool support group near you. YOu need to get in with some who are homeschooling. Not only will you get good info on a wide variety of things, but you will also get some good encouragment,support & interaction.

Good luck & your daughter is blessed to have a mother who cares so much. This is going to be hard work (I wont lie) but you can do it and will be worth it!

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