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Need to liven up your schoolroom? Maybe it's time to add some home school music to your day, to enrich your classroom learning, add some fun to your day, and help your kids learn better. 

As a kid, I loved music class. I remember singing fun songs, learning about different instruments, composers, and different types of music.

While growing up I played the piano, participated in various school choirs, and played in the school orchestra. In second grade I was so proud to learn how to play the recorder; I actually still have the one I learned on!

Since our family loves music, we try to incorporate it into our homeschool day in a variety of ways. The hardest part was making time for lessons, but once we put it into our schedule, lessons and practicing became a regular part of my kids' day.

We listen to a wide variety of genres and enjoy dancing and singing together. My kids also enjoy learning how to play different instruments.

No Money for Music

When we first started homeschooling, we never did music. Our regular subjects took up much of our time, our budget was stretched thin, and music was something I didn't feel qualified to teach. However, music has a way of lightening our mood and makes us feel happy, so over the years, we have made more of an effort to include it in our day.

Bringing music into your home school doesn't have to break your budget; with a little creativity, you can find easy and affordable ways to add music to your home learning adventure.

Bringing music into your home school doesn't have to break your budget; with a little creativity, you can find easy and affordable ways to add music to your home learning adventure.

Budget-friendly Home School Music

You can find affordable music classes through local Parks and Recreation programs, area businesses, and homeschool groups. For a couple years, our oldest daughter took group piano lessons at our homeschool co-op; she loved it and it was a great way to give her a taste of learning the piano without the huge monetary commitment that comes with individual lessons. 

Our 11 year old, takes violin lessons through the local public school's after school music program. The lessons are very affordable, as they are made available through a grant, and homeschooled students are allowed to participate. 

Friends and Family

Some of your friends or family members may be interested in giving your child music lessons or know someone else who can. If money is an issue, perhaps you could exchange services with them; they teach your child, while you provide a much needed service in return.

Home School Students/Teens

If you have a child just starting out or you need to save money, finding an accomplished teen-aged musician that's willing to teach your child each week may be a perfect solution.

Music-loving teens or college students will welcome the experience to both teach something they love, as well as earn some extra money. Most students charge less than full-time professionals, but for learning the basics as well as finding out if your child will stick with it, it’s a great money-saving opportunity.

Online Resources

You can find a growing number of free and paid, online resources and lessons, to help your child learn just about anything about music - instruments, singing, reading music, and more.

Home School Music Curriculum

You will find a variety of learn-at-home music programs and home school music curriculum especially designed for home schooled students. When I first learned about this method of learning, it seemed odd to me that you could actually learn how to sing better or play an instrument from a computer software or online program. But you can, and many people do with great results.

Learn-at-home programs provide a great money-saving solution. Most courses cost a fraction of the cost of private lessons and you can take lessons when its convenient for you. You will not have to take time out of your busy day, tote the family around or waste time waiting for lessons to finish. 

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