Pick the Perfect
Home School Math Curriculum!

Looking for home school math curriculum? Having trouble teaching math to your homeschooled students? You are not alone!

Many home educators find teaching math difficult and frustrating.

I know I have worried about teaching math, especially high school geometry, algebra and calculus.

Choosing the right home school math curriculum for your child makes all the difference in achieving math success.

Many types of curriculum are available to help make teaching lessons easy, as well as fun and interesting.

Your Home School Math Curriculum Should:

  • Create confident problem solvers.
  • Foster the enjoyment of learning math.
  • Provide sufficient practice to gain mastery.
  • Continually review and integrate previously learned concepts.

Depending on your child and how they like to learn, find a curriculum that presents the material in a methodical, concise and engaging way through real life illustrations, demonstrations or fun activities.

Finding a math program customized for home use will save some head-aches and time on your part. Lessons should be easy for you to teach to your child, or for your child to do independently.

Look for consistent review of concepts previously taught to ensure mastery and reduce forgetfulness of students. We all tend to forget information and facts we don’t use consistently.

Teaching Math at Home

In your homeschool math lessons, allow your child time to gain mastery, before moving on to more complicated concepts or material. One of the many benefits to homeschooling is the ability to slow down and take as much time as your child needs before advancing.

Too often, parents rush to keep up with lesson plans - we fear we’ll fall behind in our schedule.

In our family, we continue our math lessons throughout the summer months. Two or three days a week, my children work on math, eliminating weeks of review at the beginning of the new school year.

Spending a little time during the summer, practicing math or working through lessons creates a more relaxed learning environment during the year. We are usually ahead of where we should be and have time to stop for breaks or to spend time focusing on problem areas before moving on in our lessons.

Take your time - there is no reason to rush.

Affordable Online Home School Math Program

Move over Saxon, Math-U-See, and Teaching Textbooks, there's a new kid on the block! TabletClass online homeschool curriculum delivers high quality video math lessons for middle school and high school.

Homeschool Math Made Fun!

Six simple steps to eliminate headaches, frustration and struggles when teaching homeschool math.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny... Moo!

Which homeschool math curriculum is right for YOU?

Ditch your dry boring math materials. Choose engaging math programs that are perfect for your kids and makes learning fun.

Money and Time-Saving Math Tips

Discover some simple ways to save time and money when teaching math at home.

Homeschool Math Help

From homeschool parents to personal tutors, you can find professional and knowledgeable people providing needed mathematics resources, help and guidance.

Home School Math Curriculum for the Next Generation

Affordable, easy-to-use and completely mobile mathematics curriculum for the next generation of middle school and high school students.

Share Your Challenges and Successes!

Have you overcome any homeschooling challenges? Do you have an encouraging word to share about this topic? Are you currently going through a challenging to trying time? Please share your story to find help or help others!

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**Update** After I added the above article to my website, my daughter continued to struggle with her (Saxon) Algebra I course. Although I highly recommend Thinkwell, a new curriculum came onto the market (TabletClass online homeschool classes) and instead of using Thinkwell for Algebra II, my daughter completed her Algebra I with TabletClass. She is going to continue to use for TableClass for Geometry and Algebra II before taking Calculus with Thinkwell.

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