TabletClass Home School Math Curriculum Revolutionizes Independent Learning

This past year, a new home school math curriculum made its debut and home educators across the nation are enjoying the many benefits of TabletClass Math curriculum.

I met John Zimmerman, president of TabletClass Math earlier this year; our home school math curriculum wasn't quite working and John asked me to try his new online math program.

Through TabletClass Math's clear and understandable delivery of advanced math concepts, my daughter's math struggles quickly ended and she completed the Algebra 1 course in record time, after struggling for months with the curriculum we've always used.

I had the privilege of interviewing John Zimmerman to help you get to know him and his new home school math curriculum; he also offers some great tips to home schooling parents, from his experience as a math teacher.

If you are searching for easy-to-use home school math curriculum or are not satisfied with the program you are currently using, take time to learn about TabletClass Math; a revolutionary online math program for middle school and high school students that is sure to become a household name.

Get to Know the Creator of TabletClass Math

John, tell us a little about yourself; why did you become a teacher and why do you like to teach mathematics?

I became a teacher because I love helping people by building their self-confidence and making them feel like they can achieve their dreams. As a young person I remember those teachers that took the time to get to know me and were always encouraging me to go after my dreams.

After my years in the military I worked in corporate America, but I never had a sense of satisfaction because I did not feel like I was making an impact on people’s lives. As someone who loves math I decided that teaching would be a perfect career for my passion. I love teaching math because I’m able to help others learn how to solve problems and gain skills that will prepare them for their future.

Why did you start TabletClass Math?

TabletClass started as an idea I had teaching math in public schools. Basically, I figured if I could make video instruction just like the instruction I actually taught in class it could be a valuable resource for my students to get ahead or catch up. As it worked out, the concept was much more powerful than my initial expectations. Not only did my students love my videos, they were learning more in less time and my classes ran much smoother.

Knowing that I was onto something really special and helpful, I started to research and refine the ways I made my math videos. I always used my student's feedback as my compass on what direction I should focus. My students were my customers and I was building video instruction that they wanted.

Convinced that I could impact many more students with my videos using technology and the internet I made the decision to focus on building a math educational system ( that students everywhere could benefit from.

Why do you want to reach the homeschool market?

Homeschoolers are some of the most courageous and passionate people I know. The fact that homeschoolers take their children's education into their own hands speaks volumes about their spirit and dedication.

TabletClass was designed for independent learning with a focus on middle and high school math. As homeschoolers started to find TabletClass they loved the benefits of our program and as we learned more about homeschoolers it was apparent that TabletClass was a perfect product for the homeschool market.

Download and read the entire interview.

A New Kind of Home School Math Curriculum

What makes TabletClass different from, or better than other home school math curriculum like Saxon, Teaching Textbooks or Math-U-See?

I would not say TabletClass is better than other home school math curriculum (that's a judgment for each family). However, I would say TabletClass offers a unique approach in learning math.

The main quality that makes TabletClass different is that we offer students complete, in-depth and "actual" instruction from a real math teacher, myself. Our members enthusiastically report that my videos make them feel like I'm talking to them — it's a very personable experience. Also, most students like my teaching style; I explain and coach rather than speak and present and I'm always focused on keeping students interested and motivated.

One last aspect that makes TabletClass stand out is our software. TabletClass is much more than just videos online; we offer students powerful management tools to help them track their progress and the ability to download and watch videos on mobile devices.

Is there a specific teaching method that you use for TabletClass Math?

I don't use a single specific method for teaching. My lessons are rich in all learning styles; they are visual, auditory and hands on. The total combination of these qualities in my videos makes for excellent student engagement and retention. As to the way our course material is organized I take a traditional approach of chapters and sections. Each section has a full lesson followed by many practice problems and solution videos.

Is there a certain kind of student or learner that TabletClass would most benefit?

All students can benefit greatly from using TabletClass. Our learning system that can respond to many different type of student needs. Of course TabletClass is designed for the independent learner, but we have many students (including public school) that use our program to supplement other curriculums they are using.

Download and read the entire interview.

TabletClass Helps Students with Learning Disabilities

You have told me that TabletClass Math works well for students with learning disabilities. Can you provide more insight for parents who are homeschooling students with learning difficulties or problems?

Yes, TabletClass has helped many students with learning disabilities. From what these families tell us, the reason why they have been successful is that they have been able to customize TabletClass to fit their needs.

Students with disabilities have the ability to control their learning process to compensate and overcome a challenge. This flexibility and control was designed into our program; so no matter what the challenge, we have seen that when students are given clear and understandable instruction, a flexible learning environment and control over the pace of learning they can be successful.

Students Who Hate Math, Love TabletClass

My daughter, who used to hate Math, thoroughly enjoyed your Algebra I home school math curriculum. She said that it felt like you were teaching her one-on-one. Is there a benefit in the way that you teach the TabletClass Math lessons versus programs that show a teacher teaching a classroom full of students?

I believe the way I teach in my videos, making students feel like I'm teaching them one-on-one, has been the key to their success in learning math. When it comes to education nothing is more important than the teacher’s ability to connect with students. Moreover teachers that communicate passion, common sense, logic and experience have the greatest positive impact on their students. TabletClass Math is just a vehicle that I use to expand my classroom. I view each member as my own personal student.

Download and read the entire interview.

Home School Math Curriculum Frustrations

Over the years, I have used a couple math programs with my children. A frustration is when my student's final answer is correct but their actual solution or work doesn’t match the one given in the solutions manual. My daughter noticed that you taught multiple ways of figuring out a question. You would also show the best way to solve the problem. Can you comment further on that?

Showing and fully explaining a solution is essential to learning math. Students can have different approaches to solve many types of problems especially word problems. However, in order for students to be successful in finding a solution they need to understand various core math skills.

I focus on building these skills first and then show students how these skills can be applied as a tool for problem solving. Also, I provide many example problems and I take the time to fully demonstrate the process to find the solution. Furthermore, I like to discuss the various aspects of a problem and what skills and concepts are needed to solve it - this is another reason why I believe my instruction is unique and effective.

When completing upper level math courses, many student think they will never use it in their real life; which is one of the reasons why my teen didn't enjoy math because it seemed pretty useless to her. How do you make the connection between math in the classroom to the real world?

I connect math to the "real world" because I have worked and experienced the "real world" and know the importance of mathematics. From business to military operations mathematics is all about gathering information and drawing conclusions. It's this analytical skill that I try to develop in my students.

Regardless of whether a student wants to be a plumber, engineer or business person they must know how to work with numbers and use math as a tool that provides direction and guidance. Moreover, as our economy becomes more high tech and competitive students really need to invest in learning as much math and science as possible for their future.

Give Your Eyes a Break!

This is only a part of my interview with John Zimmerman. Download and read the entire interview as well as some of John's math tips for home schooling parents.

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