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Home School Materials and Supplies!

In my quest to save money, a couple years ago I discovered some great home school materials (name brand and off-brand) while shopping at Big Lots.

Due to the nature of their business – selling Closeouts, you most likely won't find the same items each time you visit, however you will find LOTS of bargains on things you already purchase.

Big Lots is a great place if you're looking to save money on your household expenses or home school supplies.

It's definitely one of the first places I visit, when I need to buy just about anything.

You will find many name brand as well as off-brand products at tremendous savings.

(Buying close-out food items in the past has always made me squeamish, but just check the date. Often, I come across the same brands I purchase at our organic supermarket for a lot less.)

Get Ready for School!

In the month of June and July, Big Lots will begin to load up their shelves with school supplies for the new school year.

I always think stores start way too early, but if you are looking to save money on your home schooling costs, take a trip to Big Lots sooner than later!

Discover Cheap Home School Materials

I've seem some great home school materials, tons of different types of quality sketch pads and art supplies. They even had name brand handwriting, Spanish, reading, and math curriculum and kits for cheap... really cheap!

Special Savings Coming Soon...

Who'd a thought that closeout prices could get any cheaper, but in August they will!

Receive 10% off your total purchase when you show a valid school id and enjoy free refreshments while you shop.

Find out about the Big Lots Teacher Appreciation Day!

cheap home school materials

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