Home School Legal Defense Information

Should you ever need it, home school legal defense is available for homeschooling families.

Even though you can legally homeschool your children, there is a chance that school and community officials could come knocking at your door.

However, most families have absolutely no problems with law enforcement personnel, school officials, or social workers.

Yes, there may be some individuals who do not like the idea of homeschooling and who could cause problems for you, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

In any case, it is always wise to be prepared in case anything should happen.

Your Best Home School Legal Defense

In the unlikely event that something would happen, your best defense is to know your homeschooling laws. Your state's website, homeschool friends, and group or legal organization can help you learn about, and navigate the legalities for your area.

Should I Worry?

Although there really isn't anything to worry about, there are many different requirements that you may have to abide by to legally homeschool your children.

However, homeschooling has come a long way; home education has gone mainstream, unlike the 1980's when many states made it very difficult for parents wanting to home educate their children.

I remember learning about homeschooling in the late 1980's/early 1990's. At the time, laws in Michigan were strict, requiring parents to jump through many legal hoops; some families homeschooled "underground" and wouldn't venture outside during the day - even in their own backyards, for fear of officials.

Some states like mine (MI) are very lenient, whereas others have lots of regulations, from testing or submitting documentation, to reporting to district officials.

What Can I Do?

  • Be well informed to avoid any potential problems or needless concerns. 
  • Stay up-to-date on legislature that could affect your freedom to homeschool.

You can do this by becoming actively involved in a grassroots organization, or just by keeping up with the political pulse in your state. Some parents take time to communicate and visit legislative officials that have a history of involvement with education laws, etc.

A practical thing you can do is print out or save a copy of your state's home education laws for your records, in case you should ever need it.

If you ever find yourself in a predicament, never panic. You can find legal help and support through a variety of resources. 

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