Home School Legal Defense Fund

A home school legal defense fund is when a group of people, specifically homeschoolers, pool their money together, usually through membership dues, to pay for legal services.

Membership dues go into a fund that is used to pay for legal fees, etc. if member families should ever need it.

In a way, a home school legal defense fund is similar to insurance. If you are a member and ever have legal problems that have to do directly with your private home school, then you can feel confident that you will be covered.

If you don't need any legal counsel or help, your membership dues will help pay for legal costs for other members who do have legal problems needing litigation.

Read the Fine Print

To receive help, families must decide to join prior to actually needing assistance. In other words, if you run into a problem and then decide to join a legal organization, you may not be eligible for membership, full membership benefits or free legal assistance.

If you join an organization that offers legal defense specifically for homeschoolers, make sure you check the "fine print" for any conditions that would exclude you from receiving legal help.

Nationwide Help

There are a couple of legal defense organization for homeschoolers, but the largest and most popular one is HSLDA with over 80,000 member families.

HSLDA is a nationwide organization that has been helping families navigate home schooling laws since 1983. HSLDA provides legal support and counsel for any member family that has a homeschool-related legal problem or question.

An HSLDA membership fee costs $115 per year and members receive a variety of benefits, including legal defense for home schooling should you ever need it.

Different Legal Defense Options

If you ever find yourself in a predicament, never panic. You can find homeschool legal defense help and support through a variety of resources.

HSLDA Membership Benefits and Savings

While some dislike HSLDA for various reasons, there are many benefits of joining this national home school legal defense association.

Homeschooling Requirements

Knowing your homeschool requirements will help you begin, as well as continue to homeschool your children successfully.

Home Schooling Laws

When beginning to homeschool, it's important to know all the requirements. Discover five easy ways to learn the home schooling laws for your state.

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